Feb. 16, 2022

Why 50/50 Doesn't Work: A New Model for Happier Relationships

#43: Relationship experts Kaley and Nate Klemp, Ph.D.,  join Chris and his wife Amy to discuss how to create balance in a relationship. They explore why perfect equality is unrealistic, why you shouldn’t aim for fairness, how to share feedback with your partner without it turning into a fight, and how to sustainably maintain a life of radical generosity. 

Kaley and Nate Klemp are co-authors of The 80/80 Marriage: A New Model for A Happier, Stronger Relationship. It has been named as the Editor’s Choice pick by the New York Times. Kaley Klemp is a leadership development expert and Nate Klemp is a writer, philosopher, and entrepreneur who co-authored a New York Times Bestseller titled Start Here: Master the Lifelong Habit of Wellbeing


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Connect with Kaley and Nate Klemp:

Nir Eyal: Becoming Indistractable: Book | All the Hacks Ep 25


Full Show Notes

Who are Kaley and Nate Klemp? (00:11)

The evolution from 80/20 to 80/80 marriages (01:49)

Why are equal relationships are hard to attain? (04:14)

How striving for fairness causes resentment. (05:56)

How people from different backgrounds may experience marriage differently. (09:08)

How you can be radically generous in your marriage. (10:40)

How appreciation can be built into your routines. (15:44)

Is it disingenuous to schedule in time to appreciate your partner? (17:21)

Making the 80/80 standard work when you and your partner have different values. (18:29)

How couples can win together with money. (22:41)

Tools you can use to create balance in your relationship. (26:51)

How do responsibilities in your marriage change as life changes? (31:13)

Uncommon things to outsource that can help family life. (33:52)

The life report card exercise (why you might want to intentionally fail). (39:13)

How to sustain radical generosity when you’ve forgotten about it.  (40:33)

What to do when technology is distracting you from quality time with your partner. (43:42)

How delaying things can help you do more. (50:37)

Getting on the same page as your partner. (51:57)

An unusual way to share feedback with your partner without frustrating them. (57:24)

Overdoing radical generosity in a marriage (and why it’s not then 100/100 marriage). (1:01:16)

Tactics you can use for having meaningful intimate time beyond sex-enhancing gimmicks. (1:02:47)

Using mindfulness to stay open-minded. (1:08:07)

How relationships themselves can be a hack. (1:09:44)

Using the 80/80 rule to improve your non-romantic relationships. (1:10:19)

How to keep up with Kaley and Nate Klemp online. (1:11:53)

Date recommendations from marriage experts. (1:12:43)




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