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All the Hacks

An award-winning podcast that will teach you to upgrade your life, money and travel – all while spending less and saving more. It's hosted by Chris Hutchins, a life hacker who has saved millions by breaking down every aspect of life, looking to maximize happiness at the lowest cost.

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Life + Work

Making Smarter Decisions and Knowing When to Walk Away

Oct. 5, 2022

#81: Professional decision-maker, Annie Duke, joins Chris to talk about making better decisions. They discuss why learning the difference between luck and the quality of decisions is so important and how that can improve you…

Money + Investing

Real Estate: Investing, Rentals, Taxes, House Hacking and More

Sept. 28, 2022

#80: Real estate investor and author, Brandon Turner, joins Chris to discuss investing in real estate. They discuss who should invest, how people can get started, real estate tax strategies, house hacking, the four wealth ge…

Life + Work

Build Rapport, Master Conversational Skills and Learn Anything From Anyone

Sept. 21, 2022

#79: Entrepreneur and author, Andrew Warner, joins Chris to talk about ways to become a better, more exciting conversationalist. They discuss why this is a skill everyone should master and learn what most people get wrong ab…

Money + Investing Life + Work

Action List: Everything You Can Do To Protect Your Identity, Accounts, Credit and Family.

Sept. 16, 2022

#78: In this episode, Chris breaks down the specific actions you can take to protect yourself and your family online. That includes protecting your devices, credit, financial accounts, logins and more. Additionally he covers…

Life + Work

Cybersecurity and Protecting Yourself from Scammers, Phishers, and Identity Thieves

Sept. 14, 2022

#77: Cybersecurity expert, Adam Levin, joins Chris to discuss all things cybersecurity, privacy, identity theft, and fraud. They cover how to avoid becoming a victim of online scams, ways to ​​effectively monitor your credit…

Travel, Points + Miles

Credit Cards Points and Miles Q&A (Best Cards, Top Bonuses, Earning on a Budget, Points Apps and More)

Sept. 7, 2022

#76: Host Chris Hutchins tackles questions all about credit cards, points and miles. From his favorite credit cards (and two card combos) to racking up points on a small budget, preventing points from expiring, redeeming poi…

Money + Investing

Building Wealth, Engineering a Layoff and Living Life on Your Own Terms

Aug. 31, 2022

#75: Financial Samurai and bestselling author, Sam Dogen, joins Chris to discuss ways to maximize wealth-building and live life on your own terms. They cover Sam’s 70/30 rule for decision making, how Sam engineered his own l…

Money + Investing

A Hospice Doctor’s Advice on Making the Most of Your Finances, Relationships and Time

Aug. 24, 2022

#74: Hospice doctor and author Jordan Grumet, joins Chris to discuss making the most of your finances, relationships, and time. They talk about some of the biggest regrets people have at the end of their life, the money mind…

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