Oct. 20, 2021

The Four Research-Backed Steps to Be Indistractable

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#25: Bestselling author Nir Eyal joins Chris to discuss how you can become indistractable. They discuss the hidden psychology that drives people to distraction, why procrastination is not a character flaw, why you should stop using to-do lists and how becoming indistractable will let you take back your time and start making traction on the things that matter to you in your life.

Nir Eyal (@nireyal) has taught at the Stanford School of Business and their design school. He has co-founded and sold two tech companies and is the author of two best-selling books: Hooked: How To Build Habit-Forming Products and Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life.


Selected Links From The Episode

Nir's Website: Nir and Far (includes Nir's free 80 page Indistractable workbook)

Summary of Indistractable: The Most Important Skill of the Future is Being ‘Indistractable’

Nir's Books:

Select Articles & Resources from Nir:


Full Show Notes

Who is Nir Eyal? [00: 24]

What is the opposite of distraction (and it’s not focus)? [01:48]

How your mind tricks you into thinking you’re being productive. [03:06]

How he discovered that distraction doesn’t have anything to do with technology. [04:51]

Here’s the real (scientific) reason why you get distracted. [09:57]

4 steps to become indistractable [13:13]

This is how you can stop being impulsive.  [15:06]

The problem with to-do lists. [20:55]

The difference between diversion and distraction. [25:04]

How to save time and energy on checking your email. [28:27]

Building an indistractable workplace: reactive work vs. reflective work[35:03]

Do what you say you will or burn $100 bill (price pact)[36:58]

Can you get your partner to be indistractable with you? (effort pact) [40:49]

Is multitasking a distraction (and what is multichannel multitasking)? [44:48]

Wearing a concentration crown (work from home hack). [46:50]

When should you start teaching your kids to be indistractable? [48:44]

How to connect with Nir. [49:40]


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