June 23, 2021

Earning 9% on Cash, Investing in Crypto and Trading Options

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#8: Crypto expert Zac Prince, joins Chris to talk about how to earn up to 9% interest on cash through crypto stablecoins. They also discuss Zac’s favorite investing hacks, his crypto portfolio advice, Bitcoin, Ethereum and other different crypto tokens Zac invests in.

Zac Prince (@blockfizac) is the CEO of BlockFi, a crypto-first banking platform that lets you earn interest, borrow cash, and trade crypto. BlockFi is one of the fastest growing fintech companies ever and currently lets you earn up to 9% on your cash using crypto.

[Note: Since this episode aired, BlockFi has halted withdrawals and I can no longer recommend using them, but I've decided to keep the episode up]


Selected Links From The Episode

Connect with Zac : Twitter | LinkedIn

Get your bills negotiated: BillShark | Trim

Grow your wealth: $5,000 Managed Free at Wealthfront

Options Income Strategies: Article from SeekingAlpha


Full Show Notes

How Zac ended up running BlockFi [01:42]

How is BlockFi able to pay high interest rates on cash? [03:35]

What are the risks of putting money in a BlockFi account?  [06:50]

For every 100 dollars that comes into BlockFI, they lend out about $70-80. Here is why. [08:09]

How BlockFi automation reduces risk if bitcoin falls at 3 am. [09:31]

Why BlockFi is different from other platforms that pay you interest on crypto.  [11:08]

DeFi platforms vs. BlockFi - which pays you more?  [13:09]

How big is BlockFi (staff and funding): the fastest fintech company to get to $3B valuation.  [14:30]

Should crypto be part of your investment portfolio? [15:27]

When will cryptocurrency be mainstream?  [18:45]

Why are traditional banks not embracing crypto?  [21:42]

What are stock options and how you can use them to grow your wealth. [23:06]

How a great credit score saves you a ton of money [27:21]

How you can get someone to negotiate your bills for you and get them lowered.  [28:17]

What is the world’s first Bitcoin rewards credit card? (an unintimidating way to make bitcoin) [29:32]

There are so many cryptocurrencies, how do you pick? (three categories of crypto) [34:14]

Two interesting things you can do with stablecoin.  [35:46]

BlockFi CEO’s, Zac Prince, personal cryptocurrency portfolio. [36:19]

Is buying Ethereum the same as betting on the future of blockchain?  [37:04]


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