Nov. 18, 2022

Bonus Q&A: Teaching Kids about Money, Investing and Financial Responsibility

#88: Tad Fallows joins Chris on this bonus episode to discuss teaching children about money and investing, allowances, college savings, and strategies you can use for investing in your children. Tad also shares his favorite real estate tax hack recommendations for Dallas, Texas and his favorite finance podcasts.

Tad Fallows (@LongAngleHNW) is co-founder of Long Angle, a private digital community of highly successful young entrepreneurs and executives. He also cofounded iLab Solutions LLC, a global leader in cloud-based laboratory management software, which Agilent Technologies acquired in 2016.


Selected Links From The Episode

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Resources Mentioned


Full Show Notes

Introduction to Tad Fallows  (00:00)

Instilling your children with financial knowledge and values without entitlement (03:38)

Gifting your children with brokerage accounts to purchase individual shares of stocks (07:09)

Teaching the value of money and charitable giving through allowances (08:39)

Encouraging financial responsibility and reinforcing natural consequences to correct behaviors (09:04)

College Savings and 529s vs. keeping money in a less restrictive place (10:17)

Tax Hack: Become a Real Estate Professional (13:00)

Resources Tad follows to stay current on investments and finances (14:07)

Tad’s Dallas Recommendations (15:47)



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