Jan. 5, 2022

Bucket Lists, Audacious Goals and Living the Life You Want

#36: Bucket list master and NYT #1 bestselling author Ben Nemtin joins Chris to discuss how to live a fulfilling life rather than a life dictated by the expectations of others. They talk about how to create a meaningful bucket that goes beyond just travel goals, what most people regret at the end of their lives, and how to make big goals less daunting by creating momentum. 

Ben Nemtin is the author of NYT #1 bestseller What Do You Want To Do Before You Die? and the author of the brand new book The Bucket List Journal. He's also a creator of the hit MTV series The Buried Life, which documented a mission he and three childhood friends  took to pursue the world’s greatest bucket list. He thought the trip would last two weeks - but ever since he hasn’t looked back. 

“A bucket list is just a reminder of those things that are important to you” - Ben Nemtin

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Selected Links From The Episode

Connect with Ben Nemtin: Website | Instagram 

Ben Nemtin’s Books: What Do You Want To Do Before You Die? | The Bucket List Journal 

The Buried Life: Website | Show

Studies Mentioned:


Full Show Notes

Who is Ben Nemtin? [00:12]

How The Buried Life started. [01:44]

How Ben Nemtin got to play basketball with President Obama. [02:46]

Asking out Megan Fox. [04:27]

Helping other people check items off their own bucket lists. [06:56]

Do most people have a bucket list (and why do we procrastinate our personal goals)? [08:25]

What 76% of people regret at the end of their lives (according to a study by a Cornell professor). [11:43]

3 Reasons why people don’t live on their own terms. [13:45]

10 Categories of life your goals probably fall under. [16:05]

How to simplify the path to finding your purpose (and the 10 categories continued). [19:35]

How to create a more meaningful bucket list (and how to get them done). [25:29]

Overcoming fear of failure to accomplish your audacious goals. [33:25]

Creating momentum and inspiration when tackling big goals. [36:54]

How Ben broke down the goal of playing basketball with Obama. [40:35]

The ripple effect of doing the things you love (and how his journey began). [47:17]

How to connect with Ben. [54:03]



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