Jan. 18, 2023

Buy Back Your Time: Get Unstuck, Increase Productivity and Live the Life You Want

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#98: Serial entrepreneur and best-selling author Dan Martell joins Chris to talk about buying back time. They discuss the value of adopting the right mindset, techniques for scheduling your time, tools to streamline processes, and changes you can make to reclaim your time and lead a more fulfilling life.

Dan Martell (@danmartell) is a successful entrepreneur, investor, and best-selling author. He is also the managing partner of High Speed Ventures and the founder and CEO of SaaS Academy, the world's largest coaching program for high-performing founders of Software as a Service businesses. His new book is Buy Back Your Time: Get Unstuck, Reclaim Your Freedom, and Build Your Empire.


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Dan Martell: Website | TikTok | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter 

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Full Show Notes

Introduction to Dan Martell (00:00)

Saving time, freeing it up, and buying it back (02:19)

Time and energy audit (06:03)

Understanding how you work, honoring your calendar, and learning when to schedule energy-depleting tasks (09:36)

Maximizing efficiency by breaking down calendar tasks into several mini-tasks (14:15)

Google Docs, calendars, and to-do lists (17:53)

Life vision & RPM (20:45)

Color-coding calendar hacks (23:12)

Mindset: Common objections people have about the idea of buying back time (23:43)

Leveling up in business: Trading time for money, money for time, and eventually money for money (27:50)

Reducing expectations (30:22)

Helping people value their time (34:24)

Practical examples of how to buy back time (39:56)

Administrative Assistant/House Manager/Virtual Assistant (56:28)

Creating a family playbook (1:02:17)

Trustworthy: Family operating system (1:06:01)

Creating a frustration list (1:09:20)

Designing your perfect week (1:11:50)

Seven pillars of life (1:15:30)

Relationships: Lessons learned from hiring a family coach (1:18:53)

Buy Back Your Time: Get Unstuck, Reclaim Your Freedom, and Build Your Empire (1:25:02)

Where to find Dan Martell (1:26:34)




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