May 26, 2021

Getting the Best Deal on Your Next Car

#4: Professional car buyer LeeAnn Shattuck joins Chris to talk about getting the best deal when buying and selling a vehicle. They discuss the buying new and used cars, making the decision to lease or buy, negotiating the best price and how to get the most when you're selling or trading in your existing car.

LeeAnn Shattuck is the founder of The Car Chick, a car buying service that helps people get a great deal on a new or used car. She's also a self-professed “car nut”, a champion race car driver and host of The Straight Shift podcast.


Selected Links From The Episode

Connect with LeeAnn Shattuck: The Car Chick | The Straight Shift

Find out the reliability of your vehicle: Consumer Reports

Database of Owners Vehicle Complaints: CarComplaints

Renting a Car to Test Drive It: Turo

Most Popular Car Right Now: Kia Telluride

Car Search Engines: AutoTrader |

New Car Buying Sites: TrueCar | Costco Auto

Online Car Dealers: Carvana | Vroom | Shift

Used Car Inspections: LemonSquad

Finding Car Invoice Pricing: Edmunds

Getting a Used Car Report: CarFax


Full Show Notes

How LeeAnn first fell in love with cars  [01:45]

The biggest misconception people have when buying a car  [03:37]

Should you buy a new car or a used one? [04:30]

Which vehicles depreciate slower?  [06:48]

Looking up the reliability of cars  [08:07]

Are cars safer nowadays? [09:35]

How COVID-19 made used cars more expensive [12:16]

How to test drive a car unavailable for test drive/ [14:35]

Is it easy to change the color of a car? [16:13]

What’s the best way to shop for a new car? [17:39]

Why True Car and Costco’s Auto buying program aren’t the best deal. [22:35]

Finding used cars while avoiding scams. [24:02]

Buying a used car from a website like CarMax or Carvana (should you do it?) [26:57]

Why you always need a pre-purchase inspection (and how to do it) [29:15]

Certified pre-owned: Is it worth it? (and the best certified pre-owned program)  [31:27]

The ultimate car buying hack  [34:54]

Should you negotiate the price first or decide to lease or buy first?  [38:00]

Two essential steps to negotiating the best price for a car [39:18]

One more good thing to ask for at the end of your deal  [43:24]

The best time to buy a car [44:30]

What happens when your salesperson has to “go to the back”  [46:06]

What if you can’t get the best deal because the market is down? [49:56]

Leasing a car: what leasing companies don’t want you to know.  [52:10]

How to make money getting out of your lease. [56:10]

Is it better to lease or buy if you like trading cars?  [58:49]

What should you do if you go over your leasing mileage?  [1:00:20]

Should you shop for an interest rate (and who can do that)?  [1:01:10]

What’s the best way to get rid of your old car and maximize your profit? [1:03:00]

 Always do this before buying a used car [1:05:57]

How LeeAnn helps hooks her clients up with the best deals [1:07:35]


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