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Travel, Points + Miles

Italy Unlocked: Insider Tips, Must-See Destinations and Booking Flights/Hotels on Points

March 22, 2023

#107: Italy travel expert Leigh Rowan joins Chris for a third time to discuss all things Italy. Leigh talks about why he feels most at home in the country with the most spectacular cuisine, gorgeous coastlines, ancient ruins…

Travel, Points + Miles

Travel Hacking Japan with Points & Miles

Feb. 15, 2023

#102: Host Chris Hutchins ( @hutchins ) breaks down the different ways you can use your points and miles for free flights to Japan. He also discusses how to use your points for free hotel/resort stays in Japan, and shares so…

Travel, Points + Miles

Planning the Best Japan Trip Ever

Feb. 8, 2023

#101: Travel writer Brandon Presser joins Chris to discuss all things Japan. They cover why they both love the country so much, what makes it worth a visit, where you should go, what you should see and do, and all the incred…

Travel, Points + Miles

How to Experience London Like a Local and Get There on Points (+ Chris' Trip Report)

Dec. 21, 2022

#94: Founder of Love and London, Jessica Dante, joins Chris to discuss all things London. They cover what to eat, see, do, and where to stay. Jessica also shares her favorite hidden gems, offers alternatives to overhyped tou…

Travel, Points + Miles

Booking Flights with Points and All Things Award Travel

Nov. 23, 2022

#89: Award travel pro Tiffany Funk joins Chris to talk about booking flights with miles, the advantages of having travel flexibility, the ins and outs of transferring points, ways to put your points and miles to good use, an…

Travel, Points + Miles

The Best Deals for a Vacation Rentals, Exchanges, Fractionals, Timeshares and More!

Nov. 9, 2022

#86: Host Chris Hutchins delves into the topic of vacation homes in today’s solo episode. He explores the pros and cons of vacation home options, including home rentals and exchanges, fractional ownerships, vacation real es…

Travel, Points + Miles

The Vagabond's Way: Time Wealth, Slow Travel, and Immersing Yourself in a New Place

Oct. 26, 2022

#84: Travel writer and author, Rolf Potts joins Chris to discuss time wealth, why that's such a vital topic in life and what anyone can take from the concept to travel more richly. They also talk about how to adapt to the ch…

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Life + Travel Listener Q&A (Fighting Jet Lag, Favorite Podcasts, Food Hacks and More)

Oct. 19, 2022

#83: Host Chris Hutchins tackles questions about fighting jet lag, his favorite podcasts, cancel-for-any-reason travel insurance, virtual assistants, food planning, virtual credit card numbers and much more. This episode is …

Travel, Points + Miles

Credit Cards Points and Miles Q&A (Best Cards, Top Bonuses, Earning on a Budget, Points Apps and More)

Sept. 7, 2022

#76: Host Chris Hutchins tackles questions all about credit cards, points and miles. From his favorite credit cards (and two card combos) to racking up points on a small budget, preventing points from expiring, redeeming poi…

Travel, Points + Miles

Bonus Q&A: Favorite Places to Visit in Every Continent

Aug. 12, 2022

#71: In this bonus episode, expert traveler, writer, and journalist, Sebastian Modak, and Chris break down their list of favorite places to visit on each continent. They talk about bridge jumping in Bosnia, scuba diving in …

Travel, Points + Miles

52 Places: The Art of Traveling Like a Journalist and Making Every Trip Memorable

Aug. 10, 2022

#70: Expert traveler, writer, and journalist, Sebastian Modak, joins Chris to talk about what he's learned from traveling to 80+ countries and living on four continents. They discuss what it means to travel like a journalis…

Travel, Points + Miles

Bonus Q&A: Favorite Destinations, Maximizing Points, Combatting Jet Lag and More

Aug. 5, 2022

#69: In this bonus episode of All the Hacks, entrepreneur and author, Nick Gray and Chris discuss all things travel. They cover how to get the best value when purchasing airfare, tried and true strategies for combatting jet …

Travel, Points + Miles

Rental Cars: Saving Money, Avoiding Fees and All the Secret Tricks

July 20, 2022

#66: Rental car expert, Jonathan Weinberg, joins me to discuss saving money and getting the best rate when renting a car. We also delve into the state of rental cars today, strategies to avoid paying exorbitant fees, the adv…

Travel, Points + Miles

Listener Q&A Live Show + Big Anniversary Giveaway!

May 11, 2022

#56: Today, our Host, Chris Hutchins ( @hutchins ) celebrates the one year anniversary of All The Hacks! This was a live Q&A recorded on May 9th, 2022 with All The Hacks listeners tuning in. Chris answers questions on earnin…

Travel, Points + Miles

Maximize Your Points: Stacking, Buyers Clubs, Redemption Hacks, and More

May 4, 2022

#55: Points expert, Julia Menez, joins Chris to go deep on all things points and miles, including points stacking, optimizing rewards, tools to help organize your points and miles, using buying clubs to earn lots of points, …