June 2, 2021

Finding Cheap Flights to Anywhere in the World

#5: Cheap flight fanatic Scott Keyes joins Chris to talk about getting the best deals on flights around the world. They discuss when and how to find and book the cheapest flights, making the most of flight cancelations or delays and lots of travel hacks to maximize happiness on all your trips.

Scott Keyes (@smkeyes) is the founder of Scott's Cheap Flights, a service that  helps over two million members find incredible deals on flights around the world. He is also the author of the bestselling book Take More Vacations: How to Search Better, Book Cheaper, and Travel the World.


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Connect with Scott Keyes: Twitter | Instagram

Scott's Bestselling Book: Take More Vacations

Sign up for Scott's Flight Deals: Scott's Cheap Flights

Connect with Scott's Cheap Flights: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Best Search Engine for Flights: Google Flights

Find Nonstop Flights from any Airport: Flight Connections

Find Train, Bus and Ferry Routes: Rome2Rio | Seat61


Full Show Notes

Scott’s background and how he got the best flight deal in his life [02:18]

How more vacations can make you happier and more successful [06:28]

Why We’re Living in the Golden Age of Cheap Flights [11:07]

Favorite Places to Travel in the World [12:05]

The 3 Areas of Flexibility That Help You Get Cheap Flights [13:00]

Do Small or Large Airports Get the Best Flight Deals? [16:01]

Can you find a Cheap Flight Anywhere in the World? [18:32]

Where You Need to be Looking For Cheap Flights [20:17]

Are All Cheap Flights Inconvenient with Many Layovers? [24:15]

Why Budget Airlines Aren’t Worth the Savings [26:45]

What To Do When Your Flight is Delayed or Canceled [32:25]

How to Get Compensated if Your Flight is Full [37:25]

Scott’s Rules for the Cheapest Times To Book Your Flights [38:39]

Using the Greek Island Trick to save $1000+ on International Trips [42:09]

Finding Every Nonstop Flight To or From a City with Flight Connections [46:14]

How to Find Local Travel Routes by Bus, Train and Ferry [47:15]

Why Scott Almost Never Buys Travel Insurance [50:00]

Change and Cancellation Policies [51:15]

How to Use Flight Schedule Changes to Your Advantage [52:38]

Is Business Class Worth the Extra Cost? [55:28]

You Don’t Need Points and Miles for Great Flight Deals [57:58]

How Anticipation and Memories can Make Your Next Trip Better [1:03:55]

Timing the Activities on a Trip to Maximize Your Happiness [1:06:58]

Using the 24 Hour Rule to Lock in Your Next Cheap Flight [1:10:44]

Getting the Cheapest Flights for Two or More Passengers [1:17:06]

Finding Scott and Scott’s Cheap Flights Online [1:18:56]


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