Sept. 22, 2021

City Hacks, Holiday Gifting and More

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#21: Author and money expert Stefanie O’Connell Rodriguez joins Chris to talk about hacks for visiting and living in cities, deals for holiday gifting and why most money problems aren’t really about money. 

Stefanie O’Connell Rodriguez (@stefanieoconnell) is a journalist and author of The Broke and Beautiful Life, the host of the Money Confidential podcast and the founder of Statement Cards. Her work and advice has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC and more. 


Selected Links From The Episode

Connect with Stefanie: Twitter | Website | Money Confidential Podcast

Stephanie's Book: Broke and Beautiful Life

Get free haircuts: Salon Apprentice 

Exciting Dates Book: Adventure Challenge

Stephanie's Guide: 25 Money talks every couple should have

Stefanie's Newsletter: Ambition Bulletin


Full Show Notes

Who is Stefanie O’Connell Rodriguez? [00:20]

How Stefanie went from Broadway to being a personal finance expert. [01:26]

The worst thing about low paying careers. [04:12]

The only consolation when you are not making a lot of money. [04:49]

How to do amazing activities in high cost of living cities for free (or cheap). [06:06]

How to find side hustles that give you exclusive access to things you’re interested in. [08:58]

How can you go to the theatre for free (or very cheap)? [11:12]

How to get floor seats at SNL. [13:58]

How you can have fun on the weekends using your credit card rewards. [15:22]

How you can get discounted dental work AND free hair cuts. [16:11]

Why living in a high cost of living area really pays (despite being expensive). [18:10]

Does where you live still matter in a post-covid world? (geoarbitrage your income)[19:36]

Hacks for holiday gifting! [23:38]

Questions to ask yourself before buying gifts. [24:57]

Chris’ attempt at trying to opt out of holiday gift lists. [27:40]

When people get your kids gifts they don’t need. [30:29]

Stop buying birthday gifts for your SO, do this instead. [31:26]

Money issues are almost never about the money (explained). [32:57]

What does it mean to be financially fair and equal in a relationship? [37:04]

The ambition penalty woman face in the workplace. [43:19]

How women can advocate for themselves while avoiding backlash. [50:06]

How to connect with Stefanie [52:44]


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