Dec. 7, 2022

Die With Zero: Net Fulfillment Over Net Worth

#91: Hedge fund manager and author, Bill Perkins, joins Chris to talk about what it actually means to die with zero. They discuss why you should focus on net fulfillment in each stage of life, what types of experiences to prioritize, banking memory dividends, questions to ask yourself in order to make the best choices about spending your money, solving for maximum fulfillment, and so much more.

Bill Perkins (@billperkins) is a successful hedge fund manager and energy trader whose mission is to guide people to focus on living their richest lives now. His book is Die with Zero: Getting All You Can from Your Money and Your Life.


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Bill Perkins’ Saint Barthélemy Recommendations


Full Show Notes

Introduction to Bill Perkins (00:00)

Who is the target audience of Bill’s book? (01:36)

Defining net fulfillment (02:43)

Common misconceptions people have about retirement and spending (03:25)

The declining utility of money (05:23)

Anti-bucket list: bucketing things vs a bucket list  (09:28)

What are you saving for? (Memory dividend) (11:59)

Remembering your bucketing experiences (18:38)

Start investing in your experiences now (20:11)

How far in advance should you bucket your experiences? (23:38)

Advice for people in their 20s and 30s on what experiences to prioritize (26:12)  

Chris’ backpacking trip (27:23)

How to avoid getting caught in the hamster wheel (28:21)

Principles of living an optimized life and the five whys (33:14)

Bill’s advice to people who are contemplating a career upgrade (35:09)

Solutions for people who are concerned about not having enough money later in life (38:55)

Attach your efforts to your goals (39:54)

Letting go of fear associated with failure (42:07)

Reframing your mindset and minimizing future regrets (44:08)

Do the bold thing  (45:48)

Determining the value of your time and fulfillment (46:55)

Should you spend more money? Less money? Figuring out the straight line to the grave of spending down your money (50:02)

Estimating how much money you need, and when you can stop saving (54:46)

Doing it now benefits you later (60:31)

The Coke/Pepsi taste testing experiment (1:00:52)

Deconstructing what you love about your job, and being mindful about habituating yourself and defaulting to autopilot mode (1:41:07)

Fire Movement (1:07:07)

Building a model spreadsheet for net fulfillment and the downside of front-loading retirement (1:12:09)

Getting past your habits and ego in exchange for more choices and opportunities (1:16:25)

Habitually reviewing and readjusting your net worth goal (1:18:52)

Solving for maximum fulfillment (1:22:20)

Experiencing fulfilling opportunities and extending quantity and quality of life by practicing healthier habits (1:27:01)

Thwarting many diseases and ailments through diagnostics (1:30:39)

Bill Perkins’ Saint Barthélemy recommendations (1:35:28)

Where to find Bill Perkins online (1:38:23)



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