Feb. 1, 2023

Reflecting on All the Hacks, Valuing Time and Focusing on the Year Ahead

#100: Financial independence (FI) expert Brad Barrett joins Chris to reflect on getting to 100 episodes of All the Hacks. They share some major lessons they've learned recently, discuss how to value their time and share how they plan to apply these lessons in 2023. They also share plenty of recommendations and hacks along the way.

Brad Barrett (@bradchoosefi) is the co-host of ChooseFI, the top podcast on financial independence with more than a million monthly listeners. Brad became financially independent and quit his job at 35 years old, without ever earning a six-figure salary.


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All the Hacks Episodes


Full Show Notes

Introduction to Brad Barrett (00:00)

Going full-time on All the Hacks (01:20)

Episodes that have sparked interest (04:12)

Personal annual reviews and operating principles for the year (16:59)

Managing money on your own (26:46)

Paying fees for investment management (28:48)

Travel goals and eyeing a trip to Japan (30:06)

Learning to value your time (39:52)

Meal planning cooking and meals at home (43:57)

Is real estate investing worth it (50:33)

A few savings tips for insurance (57:40)

Canceling subscriptions (59:44)

Task manager apps (1:01:15)

Having accountability partners (1:04:20)

Health hacks (1:06:05)


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