Managing Your Time to Get More Done

June 16, 2021

Time management pro Laura Vanderkam joins Chris to talk about how to make the most out of your weeks. They discuss how to find time for yourself in your busy schedule, multitasking, feeling more productive in the morning, the best way to plan your week/weekend, and managing your time as a parent. L…

The Psychology of Money with Morgan Housel

June 9, 2021

Renowned financial columnist, Morgan Housel talks with Chris about the psychology of money. They discuss the mindset of winning investors, new ways to think about risk, when to hold cash vs. invest, and how you can stop wanting more and focus on your own financial independence. Morgan Housel ( @mor…

Finding Cheap Flights to Anywhere in the World

June 2, 2021

Cheap flight fanatic Scott Keyes joins Chris to talk about getting the best deals on flights around the world. They discuss when and how to find and book the cheapest flights, making the most of flight cancelations or delays and lots of travel hacks to maximize happiness on all your trips. Scott Ke…

Getting the Best Deal on Your Next Car

May 26, 2021

Professional car buyer LeeAnn Shattuck joins Chris to talk about getting the best deal when buying and selling a vehicle. They discuss the buying new and used cars, making the decision to lease or buy, negotiating the best price and how to get the most when you're selling or trading in your existin…

Hacking Credit Card Points and Miles

May 19, 2021

Points optimizer Alex Miller joins Chris to go deep on credit cards and points hacks. They discuss the best cards to get right now, how to get thousands of points without spending much money, and ways you should NOT be spending your points. Alex Miller is the Founder and CEO of Upgraded Points , a…

Financial Independence Without a Six Figure Salary

May 13, 2021

Financial independence (FI) expert Brad Barrett joins Chris to discuss how you can achieve FI no matter how much you make, including how much money you need to hit FI, savings hacks you can use along the way, and the power of intentionality. Brad Barrett is the co-host of ChooseFI , the top podcast…

Pro Travel Hacks for Every Aspect of Your Next Trip

May 8, 2021

Travel pro Leigh Rowan joins Chris to discuss the travel hacks you need for your next trip, including getting the best prices on flights and hotels, having authentic local experiences and not getting ripped off changing money. Leigh Rowan ( @leighrowan ) is a serious travel hacker. He is the founde…

All the Hacks: Trailer

March 30, 2021

Chris is a die-hard optimizer who does all the research to get the best experience in life without the expensive price tag.