Sept. 29, 2021

FOMO, FOBO and How To Make Great Decisions

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#22: Patrick McGinnis, bestselling author and creator of the word FOMO, joins Chris to discuss the history of FOMO, ways to overcome the toll it can have on your life, a framework to vastly improve your decision-making and their favorite hacks.

Patrick McGinnis (@pjmcginnis) is credited for coining the words 'FOMO' and 'FOBO' in 2004. He's the author of two bestselling books: The 10% Entrepreneur and Fear of Missing Out: Practical Decision-Making in a World of Overwhelming Choice and his work has been featured in the New York Times, Politico, and more. He's also the host of the hit podcast FOMOsapiens.

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Selected Links From The Episode

Connect with Patrick McGinnis: Website | FOMOsapiens Podcast | Twitter | Instagram

Patrick's Books: 10% Entrepreneur | Fear of Missing Out: Practical Decision-Making in a World of Overwhelming Choice

Patrick's Course: How To Be A Part-Time Entrepreneur Course

Ariana Huffington's Phone Bed: Amazon

HabitShare App: Website


Full Show Notes

Who is Patrick McGinnis? [00:19]

How he coined the word 'FOMO'.  [02:40]

The actual definition of 'FOMO' from its creator. [06:39]

How to remember that social media is not a real representation of life. [08:41]

Are you part of the 80% that sleep with their phone next to them? Do this instead. [11:09]

Things you can do to lighten FOMO anxiety. [12:40]

Was there FOMO before social media? [15:30]

Core drivers of FOMO. [17:40]

What is FOBO and is it more positive than FOMO? [18:28]

How do you balance FOBO with healthy optimization? (A decision making hack) [20:42]

The difference between maximizers and satisficers. [27:02]

The great resignation: What you should do before quitting your job.  [28:59]

Should you have a successful side-hustle before quitting your job? [34:46]

A funny hack for getting better treatment at restaurants. [38:20]

Making meditation a habit that actually lasts. (competitive meditation) [39:14]

Productivity hack: Getting a proper home office. [44:38]


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