March 9, 2022

Finding Happiness, Success and Deep Purpose

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#47: Behavioral social scientist Arthur Brooks joins Chris to explore happiness and the different types of intelligence. They also explore the hustle culture, the science of satisfaction, the reverse bucket list, the four good idols (friends, family, faith, and work) and the four to watch out for (money, power, pleasure, and pain)

Arthur C. Brooks (@arthurbrooks) is a Harvard Professor, musician, and columnist for the Atlantic. He is also the bestselling author of 11 books on topics ranging from economic opportunity to human happiness. In February 2022, Arthur released From Strength to Strength, a book on finding meaning, success, and deep purpose in the second half of life. 


Selected Links From The Episode

Connect with Arthur: Website | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Some of Arthur's Books

Selected Works from the Atlantic

Books Referenced

Podcasts Referenced

Barcelona Recommendations


Full Show Notes

Arthur C Brooks - Behavioral Social Scientist (00:00)

How does Arthur define happiness? (02:54) 

Are tests available to understand where you are lacking in happiness? (03:50)

Changing intelligence - the seven habits of people who get happier as they age (04:47)

What is a success curve and how to make sure you're on the right success curve? (05:42)

Fluid intelligence (06:30)

Crystalized intelligence (07:35)

The key thing is to be on the right curve (07:50)

What does the jump from curve to curve look like? How do I prepare for a jump? What should I be doing with my time? (08:50) 

Charles Darwin and Johann Sebastian Bach’s success curves (10:44)

Success Addiction and Dopamine (13:30)

Hustle Culture and how to establish metacognition (16:30) 

How often do you need to journal to see benefits from journaling? (18:00)

The Bad Idols: money, power, pleasure, and fame (20:30) 

The Good Idols: faith, family, friendship, and work (21:10)

The best way to get happier now??? (24:25) 

The importance of sharing (25:25) 

The happiness algorithm (25:15)

Having faith without an organized religion (27:00) 

Lectio Divina - Divine Reading (29:40)

The science of satisfaction (30:36) 

The hedonic treadmill and social comparison (32:00) 

How to make a better bucket list (33:47) 

The reverse bucket list (35:25) 

How to buy happiness (37:30) 

Technology and happiness (40:52) 

Turning weakness into strength (42:40)

Hope and the role of negative emotions (45:36)

Quitting your job for happiness (47:00) 

Recommendations for a meal, a drink, and something to do in Barcelona, Roman Ruins, Sagrada Familia, Romanesque Churches and Gothic Cathedrals (48:30) 

The inspiration for his most recent book (49:12)

Wrapping up the show with Arthur Brooks and where to find Arthur online (52:00)




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