Dec. 8, 2021

Health Hacks, Crypto and NFTs

#32: Entrepreneur and VC, Kevin Rose, joins Chris to talk about the best and latest in everything from wellness to digital currency. They dive into all Kevin's health hacks, what led him to be such a successful investor, and they answer many of your questions about the latest in crypto and NFTs.

Kevin Rose (@kevinrose) is an entrepreneur, investor, venture capitalist and crypto and NFT expert. He is a partner at True Ventures, the host of two podcasts, Modern Finance, which talks about crypto and traditional finance, and Proof, which talks in depth about all things NFTs. Kevin previously founded the social news site, Digg, the intermittent fasting app, Zero, and the meditation app, Oak. He’s also one of the most successful Angel Investors out there, being an early investor in companies like Twitter, Facebook and Square.


Selected Links From The Episode

Connect with Kevin Rose: Website | Instagram | Twitter

Kevin’s Podcasts: Modern Finance | Proof  

Kevin's New Proof Collective: Proof Collective

Kevin's Companies: Zero App | Oak App | Digg

Podcasts mentioned:

Research Mentioned:

Better DNA Analysis: FoundMyFitness DNA Reports

Lithium Water: Gerolsteiner Sparkling Water

Chocolate Capsules: Cocoavia

Diabetes + Weight Loss Drug: Ozempic

Online Pharmacies: GoodRX | AltoPharmacy

Blood Testing Service: WellnessFX

Stress Gummies: PYM

Security Apps: Google Advanced Protection Program | 1Password

Investing App: Wealthfront

High Yield Crypto Platforms: BlockFi | Gemini

Notable Cryptocurrency Websites: Token Sets | DeFi Pulse | Makara


Full Show Notes

How Chris helped hook Kevin up with some super sweet airline tickets… [01:30]

What drives Kevin to be so focused on his health and mindfulness…[02:35]

How concierge doctors work and what is often missing from regular doctors...[07:00]

Is it advisable to go to companies like WellnessFX?…[10:20]

The latest on fasting and why intermittent fasting is so vital for health and longevity…[11:15]

What intrigued Kevin the most about Sauna Therapy…[13:45]

Kevin’s best rapid fire health hacks…[17:05]

Why now is more important than ever to be taking daily vitamins…[20:25]

What does a glucose tolerance test do and why you should do it...[21:30]

Where to find the cheapest pharmaceutical prices…[25:20]

How to actually unlock and use your 23andMe testing data…[27:30]

The role that sleep plays on the brain and body…[32:00]

Hacks to help protect your online financial accounts…[33:00]

What made Kevin so successful in his ability to take investment risks…[39:50]

The future of crypto and digital contracts…[44:45]

Are high yield cryptocurrencies actually too good to be true?...[47:35]

How beginners can effectively get started with crypto…[51:20]

The correlation in the crypto/token investment space and how the market moves…[56:50]

Really important advice for people dabbling in crypto…[57:40]

What are NFT’s and how can people get started with them?…[59:40]

Kevin’s big upcoming announcement…[1:04:40]


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