Feb. 9, 2022

Beating Inflation, Alternative Assets, and Simplifying Your Finances

#42: Author and financial advisor Ben Carlson joins Chris to share investing, saving, and giving hacks. They discuss what you can do instead of picking stocks, the differences between how institutions invest and how individuals invest, how to assess if you need a financial advisor, short-term and long-term approaches to beating inflation, and why you should automate your giving. 

Ben Carlson (@awealthofcs) is a financial advisor and Director of Institutional Asset Management at Ritholtz Wealth Management. He is also the author of four books about saving and investing and the popular blog A Wealth of Common Sense.


Selected Links From The Episode

Connect with Ben Carlson: A Wealth of Common Sense | Animal Spirits Podcast | Twitter

Ben Carlson’s Books:

Book Recommendations:

Invest in real estate: Fundrise

Invest in art: Masterworks (skip the line with this link)

Roboadvisor: Wealthfront ($5k managed free with this link)

HSA: Starship HSA

Crypto High Yield Savings: BlockFi 

Automate your giving: Daffy (free $25 with this link)

Fiduciary Financial Advisors: Wealth Foundry | XY Planning Network

401k Fee Analyzer: TD Ameritrade 401k Fee Analysis


Full Show Notes

Who is Ben Carlson? (00:11)

Why is Ben Carlson done picking stocks? (01:22)

Alternatives to picking stocks. (04:32)

What you should do before exploring stock alternatives. (09:19)

Why you should have rules for every investment you make. (11:36)

Lessons from how institutions invest. (16:00)

What are asset allocations (and should you trust a roboadvisor with your asset allocation)? (18:19)

Should you work with a financial advisor? (21:58)

Should you max out all your retirement accounts? (25:42)

Where should you keep your cash for short-term savings? (30:14)

Using leverage reasonably: should you do it? (37:31)

What’s happening with inflation in 2022 (and how to beat it long term)? (40:30)

Should you invest in Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities to protect your cash against inflation? (42:46)

Non-investment related ways to simplify your financing (optimism and automated giving). (45:29)

Having a savings allocation (fun money). (49:00)

The statistics that prove why saving is more important than investing. (51:43)

Ben Carlson’s book recommendations. (54:15)

How to connect with Ben. (57:22)




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