March 1, 2023

Optimizing Your Insurance Policies (Auto, Home/Renters, Umbrella, Life, Disability, Pet, and Travel)

#104: In this episode, Chris covers all things insurance. He explains the process he went through to reduce the cost of his insurance policies as much as possible while still maintaining adequate coverage from a reputable carrier. He discusses auto, home, renters, umbrella, personal articles, life, disability, pet, and travel insurance. Chris also talks about the policies he has been concentrating on lately, and shares resources to help listeners save money.


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Full Show Notes

Introduction to insurance episode (00:00)

Shop for insurance to save money (02:21)

You get what you pay for: Understand your coverage (03:42)

Auto insurance (05:07)

Liability (05:46)

Comprehensive coverage (06:51)

Collision (07:03)

Medical payments (07:31)

Adequate auto insurance coverage (07:48)

Insurance rates (10:42)

Tracking mileage (13:23)

Other ways to save on auto insurance (14:32)

RIdeshare, rental car, & tow coverage (16:14)

Car replacement assistance (17:22)

Coverage on repairs and replacements (18:18)

Differences between carriers (19:15)

Non-owner liability policy (20:22)

Homeowners insurance (24:00)

Renters insurance (24:35)

Coverage lettered labels (24:58)

Extended reconstruction coverage (26:35)

HIgh-value carriers (28:56)

Loss of use coverage (30:01)

Extra policies to consider (31:12)

Ways to save on homeowners insurance (32:33)

Comparison shopping hacks (35:34)

High-value items (37:41)

Additional liability coverage (38:20)

Deciding & evaluating carriers (43:34)

Bundling (48:29)

Life insurance (52:42)

Pet insurance (57:50)

Disability insurance (59:59)

Travel insurance (1:02:51)

Final insurance tips (1:05:40)