July 13, 2022

Where to Put Cash, Saving Money on Gas, Latest Deals/Hacks and More Listener Q&A

#65: Host Chris Hutchins tackles questions about the current market, where to put cash, investing strategies, backdoor Roth IRAs, net worth tracking, financial planning and saving money on gas. Chris also shares some listener hacks to save money and the top deals he’s seen lately.

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Financial Planning

Tracking Your Finances

Saving Money on Gas

Listener Money Hacks

Latest Deals

Podcasts Mentioned


Full Show Notes

Current Markets and what to do with the money needed within the next three to five years [02:32]

US Government Series I Savings Bonds [03:27]

Crypto High-Yield Savings Accounts [04:19]

High Yield Savings Account [05:55]

Investing: What to do with a windfall in this market and the best way to start dollar-cost averaging [06:47]

Tax Loss Harvesting [10:15]

Direct Indexing [12:18]

Backdoor Roth IRA: contributing even if your household exceeds limits for both Roth and traditional IRAs [17:45]

Mega Backdoor Roth 401(k): after-taxes contributions to your 401k [19:31]

Podcasts for sophisticated investors who want to continue learning [22:08]

Financial Planning: comprehensive financial plans [25:27]

Tracking your finances across all of your accounts [30:11]

Saving money on gas: considerations for taking the cash discount, the best cards and apps to use, fuel reward programs, and electric vehicles [33:19]

Listener money-saving hacks: stacking deals and transferring the available balance of Visa or Amex gift cards to your Amazon gift card balance [36:53]

Free premium subscriptions, statuses, and perks that are available to members of certain cards or services [40:08]

Chris shares how listener, Stephanie, used the hotel hack shared in episodes #1 and #55 to score big on a recent trip [41:03]

Nominate All the Hacks for The People’s Choice Podcast Award [41:38]




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