Oct. 19, 2022

Life + Travel Listener Q&A (Fighting Jet Lag, Favorite Podcasts, Food Hacks and More)

#83: Host Chris Hutchins tackles questions about fighting jet lag, his favorite podcasts, cancel-for-any-reason travel insurance, virtual assistants, food planning, virtual credit card numbers and much more. This episode is packed with many of the incredible insights that Chris has earned from his years optimizing his life!


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Favorite Podcasts


Full Show Notes

Q: Which is better, Bora Bora or the Seychelles for an exotic vacation [05:00]

Q: Hotel Strategies for Families of 5 (or more!?) [09:20]

Q: Any hacks for booking a cruise? [10:46 ]

Q: Should language barriers be a barrier for travel? [11:49]

Q: Should I purchase travel insurance? [14:58]

Q: How does Chris deal with jet lag? (Bonus: Tried and true strategies for combatting jet lag) [18:50]

Q: Are guide-led group tours a worthwhile experience? [21:30]

A really good airplane WiFi hack! If you travel often, don’t skip this part [23:50]

Q: Is there a hack for setting up Global Entry appointments? Yes! AppointmentScanner [25:23]

Using virtual credit cards to make online purchases [27:35]

Q: How to set up my Trustworthy account for the easiest use by my family if I were to pass away? [29:24]

What is the best password manager, preferably not stored in the cloud [32:35]

What are Chris’ favorite podcasts? [34:11]

How to take notes from a podcast  [30:42]

Building your own Peloton… and then later purchasing a Peloton [42:00]

Food planning! How to hack the family kitchen? [43:50]

Has Chris ever used a virtual assistant? [48:07]

Recent developments regarding credit card providers offering cell phone insurance [49:20]

How to know when you are taking optimization too far? [53:00]




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