March 15, 2023

Mailbag #8: Listener Hacks, SVB Collapse, Treasury Bills, Bank Bonuses, Top Deals and More

#106: Host Chris Hutchins shares top hacks from listeners, thoughts on the SVB collapse, some great deals to take advantage of now ways to invest in treasury bills, ways to get deals on concert/theatre tickets, how he's investing and a lot more. This episode is packed with so many great tips, hacks and deals!


Partner Deals 

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Selected Links From The Episode

All the Hacks Membership

Embrace Pet Insurance (<< AYAs referral code)

Southwest 20% Sale (SAVE20NOW)

Chase Freedom Bonus Signup: 5x Amazon/Lowes

All the Hacks Credit Card Site

90k Bonus: Chase Ink Unlimited and Ink Cash (Expires 3/21)

100k Bonus: Chase Ink Preferred

90k Bonus: Amex Gold Referral

150k Bonus: Amex Platinum Referral

175k Bonus: IHG Premier

15% Off Award Flights: Amex Delta Platinum (90k Bonus) and Delta Gold (70k Bonus)

Free Lyft Pink with Chase Reserve

Virgin Atlantic Award Flight Finder

20% CardPointers Pro

Unclaimed Money Sites

All the Hacks #34: Hacking Healthcare, Prescriptions and Medical Bills with Marshall Allen

SaveNDeals (Buy HomeDepot/Lowes Coupons)


My Wealthfront Referral Link

All the Hacks Bank Bonus List

20% off DeleteMe


Full Show Notes

All the Hacks Membership (1:49)

Insurance Follow-up (3:58)

Latest Deals (9:01)

Amex/Chase Offers (20:09)

Listener Wins (24:24)

Listener Hacks (27:48)

New Phone Discounts (29:40)

Deals on Theatre/Concert Tickets (30:50)

Reassigning the Caps Lock Key (31:53)

Recipe + Meal Planning Apps (32:30)

Car Seat Discounts (33:10)

SVB Banking Collapse (33:56)

Investing in US Treasury Bills (39:24)

Is Chris Still Using Wealthfront? (44:15)

Earning Bank Bonuses (47:48)

Removing Personal Info / DeleteMe (50:32)

Deals on New Tires (53:24)

Deals on an Engagement Ring (57:36)

Update on BlockFi (59:24)


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