Sept. 15, 2021

Redeeming Points for Max Value and Listener Q&A

#20: All the Hacks host Chris Hutchins answers the top questions from listeners, including redeeming your points and miles for maximum value, managing your points as a couple, the best  financial tools and services and his favorite apps for maximizing productivity.

Chris Hutchins (@hutchins) is the host of All the Hacks and the Head of New Product Strategy at Wealthfront. He's amassed over 12 million points/miles in his lifetime, has started/sold two companies and is a registered investment advisor.

Links to the best credit cards and signup bonuses:


Selected Links From The Episode

DIY Pro Pest Control: Pestie (10% Off)

Top Credit Card & Signup Links: Top Cards for 2021 | Best Signup Bonuses Award Search: $1 trial w/ this link (and the code ALLTHEHACKS)

Award Search Sites: Expert Flyer | KVS Availability Tool

Award Booking Services: List and Reviews


Recommendations From The Episode

Budgeting: Mint, YNAB, Copilot and Tiller

Net Worth Tracking: Wealthfront

Taxes: TurboTax or Andersen Tax

Self-Directed Brokerage: Interactive Brokers or Vanguard

Automated Brokerage: Wealthfront ($5k Managed Free)

529: Wealthfront

Estate Planning: Trust and Will (15% Off)

HSA: Lively

Efficiency Apps: Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts | Alfred | Rectangle (or Spectacle)

Passwords/Security: 1Password (Free Trial)

Mobile apps on your computer: Blue Stacks


Full Show Notes

Getting Rid of Ants and Pests [1:13]

Q: What are the top 2-3 credit cards for 2021? [3:00]

Q: Are signup bonuses a good way to earn points? [6:32]

Best signup bonuses right now. [8:06]

Q: How do you earn the most points for wedding expenses? [10:47]

Q: How do you optimize earning points as a couple? [12:36] 

Preventing miles from expiring. [16:22]

Q: Are points worth it if you don’t travel much? [17:38]

Q: Is there any downside to buying gift cards to earn points? [18:39]

Q: How do you redeem points for maximum value? [21:36]

Q: What’s the best way to save for your kid’s college? [30:33]

Insurance plans for pregnancy and childbirth. [32:27]

Q: What do you think about investing in alternatives? [33:26]

Q: Is there any way to automate your investing? [34:41]

Q: What are the best financial/investment tools and services? [36:12]

The best software/apps I us to be more efficient. [40:45]


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