Dec. 21, 2022

How to Experience London Like a Local and Get There on Points (+ Chris' Trip Report)

#94: Founder of Love and London, Jessica Dante, joins Chris to discuss all things London. They cover what to eat, see, do, and where to stay. Jessica also shares her favorite hidden gems, offers alternatives to overhyped tourist sites, and provides tips to experience the city like a true local. Then Chris provides a recap of his recent trip to London and walks through how to use use your points/miles for your next trip.

Jessica Dante (@loveandlondon) founded the digital media company Love and London to share her love of London and make travel dreams a reality for others. Her mission is to provide tourists with unique ways to experience the city.


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Love and London: YouTube | Website | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Jessica Dante: Website | Instagram

Love and London Resources:

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Full Show Notes

Introduction to Jessica Dante (00:00)

Why is London such a fantastic city? (02:19)

What sets London apart from other major metropolitan cities? (03:19)

Jess's top London experiences (04:52)

Family-friendly London pubs (06:10)

What to know about Londoners (07:20)

London: a city that offers something for everyone (08:16)

Planning your trip to London: the pros and cons of each season (09:32)

The ideal number of days to stay in London (11:30)

London food & drinks (14:10)

Mistakes people make when visiting London (15:38)

Which sites can you rely on for accurate UK reviews and ratings? (18:13)

Safety travel tips (19:17)

London: a lay of the land (20:59)

Jess’ food, drink, sightseeing, and shopping recommendations (23:06)

Highlights of Jess’ London itineraries (31:26)

Jess’ favorite hidden bar (35:11)

Making reservations in London (35:57)

Finding the best deals for London attractions (36:33)

Afternoon tea recommendations (39:02)

Random things to see (42:32)

London area restaurant recommendations (46:57)

London dining: are walk-ins a thing? (51:18)

General Britain etiquette (53:17)

Nightlife in London (56:26)

London: transportation (57:43)

London: air travel (59:40)

London: theater scene (61:19)

Planning your London trip (1:03:58)

Hotel recommendations (1:05:14)

Booking AirBnbs/hotels (1:07:55)

The vibe of traveling to London with children (1:10:52)

Final London recommendation (1:11:44)

Where to find Jess online (1:14:26)

Highlights of Chris’ trip (1:18:54)

Airbnb Issues and AirCover Protection (1:20:29)

Transportation and Getting Around (1:27:15)

Chris' favorite London activities (1:28:24)

Chris' London food & drink recommendations (1:29:17)

Booking flights to London with points (1:31:30)

Using points for hotels in London (1:38:37)




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