June 16, 2021

Managing Your Time to Get More Done

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#7: Time management pro Laura Vanderkam joins Chris to talk about how to make the most out of your weeks. They discuss how to find time for yourself in your busy schedule, multitasking, feeling more productive in the morning, the best way to plan your week/weekend, and managing your time as a parent. 

Laura Vanderkam (@lvanderkam) is the author of several time management books including 168 Hours and What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast. Her work has appeared in the New York times, the Wall Street Journal and Fortune. She also hosts two podcasts Before Breakfast and Best of Both Worlds and blogs at lauravanderkam.com.


Selected Links From The Episode

Connect with Laura: Twitter | Website | LinkedIn

Laura's Resources: Time Makeover Guide and Time Tracking Sheet

Laura’s Podcasts: Before Breakfast | Best of Both Worlds

Laura's Books

Homemade meals delivered: shef.com


Full Show Notes

The biggest misconception people have about time management. [00:54]

Changing your mindset from “I don’t have time” to “I have some time, what would I like to do with it?”  [02:02]

The first step to shifting your mindset: track your time for a week [04:37]

Why using spreadsheets to track your time is better than using apps  [06:17]

The most common thing that wastes your time.  [07:26]

Start your time management plan by asking yourself what you want to spend MORE time doing.  [09:26]

3 main things you would get the most value from prioritizing. [11:13]

2 things that you probably think TAKE time, but they actually MAKE time.  [12:06]

Should you schedule your breaks? [13:49]

How can you prioritize errands?  [14:23]

When you have a few minutes extra (like if you are waiting in line), do this.  [16:21]

How to keep relationships strong while limiting the time spent on them. [17:42]

Setting alarms so you can have more quality time with others. [20:30]

Should you do two things at once? [22:07]

Multitasking with a partner: make sure you are on the same page about what you are trying to achieve.  [24:13]

How to tackle your to-do list (3 choices). [25:45]

How to eat healthy no matter how busy you are. [29:15]

Should you outsource your cooking needs? [32:22]

Why weekly planning every Friday afternoon will help you avoid Sunday night blues. [34:48]

Planning your weekend and making a list of 100 dream [37:02]

Should you do chores on weekends or weekdays (weekend hack)? [41:12]

If you have kids, you are better off going out on the weekends. Here is why. [44:49]

Why mornings are a valuable part of the day.  [46:24]

What if I can’t be productive in the morning because I feel awful?  [48:08]

Two hacks to introduce new habits in the morning. [49:33]

How to avoid wasting time on your phone in the morning.  [51:30]

Being mindful of time during the work day. [52:35]

How to stop losing time through email. [54:08]

How to spend quality time with your kids and still have time for yourself. [55:30]

3 tips for raising independent children.  [57:25]

One last trick that can save you tons of time. [59:41]


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