Nov. 24, 2021

Memory Hacks with World Champion Johannes Mallow

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#30: World memory champion Johannes Mallow joins Chris to share techniques you can use to boost your memory. They discuss how he became a memory champion despite his struggles with a muscle disease, the timeless techniques he uses to memorize things most of us assume are impossible, and how to use memory techniques in your personal and professional life (including a real time walkthrough of a popular memory technique). 

Johannes Mallow has been a memory sportsman for 18 years. Throughout his career he was crowned World Memory Champion twice and has won the German Memory Championship four times. He is currently ranked 9th in the world by the World Association of Memory. Currently, he is a memory coach to executives. 


Selected Links From The Episode

Connect with Johannes Mallow: Website | Memory Sports TV Twitch

Streamline your work: ClickUp App

App to help with your memory: Anki


Full Show Notes

Who is Johannes Mallow? [00:16]

What is a memory championship? [01:29]

The hardest thing to memorize (and how to prepare for it). [3:18]

How Johannes Mallow started his career in memory sports. [05:53]

Why having a muscle disease led him to become a memory world champion. [07:16]

Two things that can help you overcome hardship. [11:29]

Is memory a talent or a skill? [12:16]

How memory and creativity are connected. [13:27]

Realtime walkthrough of a popular memory technique (memory palace).  [15:15]

How long have memory techniques been around? [23:19]

Has our memory evolved over time OR Do we have better memory than our ancestors?[24:32]

Why you need to have several memory palaces. [27:52]

How to remember lots of numbers and playing cards very quickly. [30:06]

How to memorize many names (even foreign names). [34:44]

Memory skills you need for your professional and personal life (names, negotiation). [36:58]

Remembering abstract things that aren’t easy to visualize. [43:47]

How to remember things that aren’t in order. [47:26]

Why (and how) you should train your memory daily. [49:38]

Are memory skills transferable to other skills like learning a language? [52:16]

Can you make a living out of memory sports? [53:24]

Using gamification for mundane things. [55:43]

Why Johannes uses cooperative management tools. [56:58]

An app to help with your memory. [58:18]

How to connect with Johannes Mallow. [59:22]


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