July 7, 2021

Practical Money Hacks with Lisa Rowan

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#10: "Money Hacks" author Lisa Rowan joins Chris to talk about lots of money hacks your might not know about, including grocery store hacks, deals on prescriptions, finding and claiming your missing money and getting things repaired for free!

Lisa Rowan (@lisatella) is author of  Money Hacks: 275+ Ways to Decrease to Decrease Spending, Increase Savings, and Make Your Money Work for You! She's also a consumer finance writer at Forbes and the co-host of the Pop Fashion podcast.


Selected Links From The Episode

Connect with Lisa Rowan: Website | LinkedIn | Twitter | Podcast

Protect yourself online: Try 1Password for Free

Penny Hoarder: Website

Get a virtual credit card: Privacy.com

Coupons for Prescription drugs: GoodRx

Find coupons automatically: Honey

Websites where you can flip your things: Facebook Marketplace | Craigslist | NextDoor | Poshmark | StockX

Save on your energy bill: OhmConnect

Find out your credit (vantage) score: CreditKarma | Credit Sesame

Side hustle ideas: Rent A Friend | Sell Your Junk Mail | Dscout

Save money on books: Library Extension | Libby App


Full Show Notes

A listener who used a hack and won [00:01]

Who is Lisa Rowan?  [00:37]

How did Lisa get obsessed with money hacks?  [02:31]

Pay yourself to splurge: one question to ask before shilling out money.  [06:31]

How many times did you fall for the free shipping trap? [10:16]

Auditing your subscriptions and using the money for something else.  [13:33]

Are you always forgetting to cancel after a free trial? Use this hack.  [15:26]

How you can pay less for your prescription drugs and medical procedures.  [17:41]

How to find great discount codes (other than Honey). [22:26]

Instead of paying to repair your things, go to this type of cafe.  [23:29]

Using a pawn shop to save money. [24:13]

How to flip things you no longer need.  [25:08]

Grocery hacks: Why you should walk clockwise at the grocery store.  [24:42]

How you can save money on energy AND get paid.  [28:20]

How to build your credit by paying your rent  [31:12]

How to get your REAL credit score for FREE (not on Credit Karma).  [33:00]

Getting your missing money. [35:03]

Being ready for opportunities to make more money. [39:00]

Side hustles that you probably haven’t thought of.   [40:50]

Don’t watch the stock market. [44:54]

Know which text messages to ignore. [45:55]

Managing money is not always sexy. [48:54]

A hack Lisa thought her publisher won’t let her put in the book [49:23]

Should you try all the hacks?  [50:46]


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