July 6, 2022

Inflation and All Things Money

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#64: Podcasting legend Jacob Goldstein joins Chris to discuss what's going on with inflation and what you can do about it. They also delve into everything money – how it originated, what its future might look like, how crypto fits in and some of Jacob’s favorite money hacks.

Jacob Goldstein is a journalist, writer, and podcast host. He’s written for the Wall Street Journal, co-hosted NPR’s “Planet Money” for a decade, authored “Money: The True Story of a Made-Up Thing” and recently launched a new podcast, “What’s Your Problem?


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Selected Links From The Episode

Connect with Jacob Goldstein: Twitter | Podcast: What’s Your Problem? | Podcast: Planet Money

Jacob’s Book: Money: The True Story of a Made-Up Thing

What’s Your Problem? Podcasts: Squeezing the Entire Internet Into a Shoebox

Jacob’s San Diego Recommendations:

Other Resources Mentioned: 

All The Hacks Traveling Podcasts: 


Full Show Notes:

The current state of inflation [01:44]

Where inflation is making the largest impact [04:55]

Jacob explains when inflation can be a good thing [09:39]

You do not need to finance your vehicle through the purchaser, and Chris shares how he financed his most recent Tesla purchase [12:01]

How to prepare for inflation and I Bonds [15:39]

Jacob explains what money is [20:58]

The genesis story of money [23:04]

NFTs, Crypto, and the difference between all the various forms of money in the 1800s as opposed to today [29:09]

Chris & Jacob's stories of Bitcoin at the beginning [36:14]

Jacobs three possibilities for the future  of money and what happened in  Italy when it started to include the black market in its GDP [37:57]

Money lessons Jacob is passing on to his children [41:52]

Status and dealing with the urge to keep up with the Jones's [44:46]

Jacob's travel site filter and annualizing monthly payments hacks and Chris's Tesla delivery hack [49:01] 

Managing your subscriptions and getting better deals on plane tickets [55:00]

Jacob discusses his new podcast, What's the Problem? [59:56]

Jacob's San Diego Recommendations [01:02:18]

Find Jacob online [01:03:47]




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