Dec. 15, 2021

Optimizing Points, Miles and More Listener Q&A

#33: All the Hacks host Chris Hutchins answers all the recent points, miles and travel questions he's received from listeners. That includes using points, comparing cards, managing multiple cards, finding the best cards for your spending, rental car hacks and more. 

Chris Hutchins (@hutchins) is the host of All the Hacks and the Head of New Product Strategy at Wealthfront. He's amassed over 12 million points/miles in his lifetime, has started/sold two companies and is a registered investment advisor.

Links to the best credit cards and signup bonuses:


Full Show Notes + Links

Why I now love the Capital One Venture X Card [1:34]

Q: Why doesn't CapitalOne get as much love as Chase and Amex [4:42]

Q: How do you manage so many cards and when is the annual fee worth it? [5:13]

Q: How do you get maximum value on points (and a better deal than the portal)? [9:40]

Q: When does it make sense to accrue points in different programs? [13:54]

Q: Does it make sense to book in the portal for the big earning bonuses? [15:39]

Q: Do credit card travel portals have fair prices? [17:08]

Q: Chase Freedom vs. Freedom Unlimited [17:42]

Q:  Chase Sapphire Reserve vs. Amex Platinum [18:56]

Q: Can you have multiple Chase Sapphire Cards? [19:49]

Q: My partner and I got married and have the same credit card, what do we do? [21:04]

Q: What are the best business credit cards? [23:35]

Q: What's the best card for earning points on Gas? [25:37]

Q: What's the best app for finding the best card for different purchases? [26:35]

Q: Do you have a template for tracking your points? [27:30]

Q: How do you manage earning points when you're loyal to one airline? [28:33]

Q: Where do you find deals for business class flights when you're not using miles? [29:50]

Q: What are all the best hacks for rental cars? [31:21]


Q: What are the best tips for traveling during COVID [35:33]

  • Travel Approved Covid Tests from eMed and Optum 


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