July 28, 2021

Afford Anything, Escape the 9-5, Passive Income and More

#13: Afford Anything founder Paula Pant joins Chris to discuss how you can afford ANYTHING (but not everything). They also discuss how you can escape the 9-5, start making passive income, and take mini and/or semi-retirements throughout your life. 

Paula Pant (@affordanything) is the founder and creator of Afford Anything where she runs an award winning personal finance website, a monthly newsletter, a top rated podcast and a Real Estate Investing Course. She built her career from scratch starting as a journalist making only $21,000 a year.

Full show notes available at: https://www.allthehacks.com/paula-pant-afford-anything


Selected Links From The Episode

Connect with Paula: Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Afford Anything: Website | Podcast | Real Estate Investing Course

Her Book: Escape E-book


Full Show Notes

Who is Paula Pant? [00:15]

What does it mean that you can afford anything? [01:15]

What you get wrong about spending your money. OR How you trick yourself into thinking you are being smart with money. [01:58]

Saving money might not be what you should focus on. Focus on growing the gap. [05:05]

What is financial freedom and does it mean you have to retire? [06:21]

Can you escape the 9 to 5 and still have a job? (and 4 factors great jobs have) [08:00]

If you hate your job, here’s a two step plan to help you build a better life. [10:14]

The two main types of side hustles (ones you can scale, and ones you can’t). [13:59]

How Paula transitioned her side hustle into a full business.  [17:59]

If you’re terrified of the risk of taking a leap, this advice will help. [20:29]

Why passive income is NOT free money. [24:17]

Should you invest in rental properties for passive income? [26:48]

What you must  do BEFORE investing in rental properties? [29:06]

Mistakes beginner real estate investors make. [30:12]

How to start learning about real estate investing for beginners. [31:38]

Should you invest in alternatives to buying rental properties (REIT portfolios and why crowdsource real estate investing is not good for you). [34:25]

How can you better value your time? [37:59]

How to get more comfortable with spending money on outsourcing things you can potentially do yourself. [39:23]

Why Chris went bought a one way ticket to cairo?[43:46]

How the idea of Afford Anything was born (you heard it here first).  [47:58]

What are mini-retirements and semi-retirements and how are they different? (and which should you do). [49:47]

Taking short vacations vs. taking long trips. [52:53]

Paula Pant’s favorite hack: reframing your thoughts (you are probably richer than you think). [56:05]

How to build a daily gratitude habit and stop it from fading away. [59:48]

How to connect with Paula Pant. [1:04:20]


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