Oct. 12, 2022

Goal Setting, Hacking Self-Discipline, and Finding Work-Life Balance

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#82: Real estate investor and author, Brandon Turner, joins Chris to discuss how he's managed to be successful and still prioritize friends, family, and quality of life. They talk about working with a performance coach, hacking self-discipline, goal-setting, ways to make money matter through business and Brandon's top Maui recommendations.

Brandon Turner (@BeardyBrandon) is a podcaster, author and real estate investor with a portfolio of >7,000 properties. Having hosted the BiggerPockets podcast with over 100 million downloads, Brandon is widely recognized as one of the foremost experts on real estate investing. He is also the best-selling author of several books and the founder and of Open Door Capital.


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Resources Mentioned 

Brandon’s Maui Recommendations


Full Show Notes

Adjusting your mindset to achieve your ideal life [01:17]

Key to an amazing relationship: scheduling a goal-setting retreat with your spouse [3:05]

Achieving relational, fitness, and business success by setting specific goals  [4:57]

Strategies to hack your self-discipline and attain maximum productivity [8:19]

What a performance coach brings to the table [16:44]

Where to find a performance coach [19:00]

Brandon’s “Starbucks” Strategy [21:34]

Finding the balance between pursuing audacious business goals and prioritizing quality family time [23:58]

Strategies Chris uses to prioritize his work/life balance [27:15]  

Learning to drop the “right” balls and establish boundaries [30:24]

Brandon's perspective on reading books and information about his text message newsletter [36:46]

Reading every book as if you are going to teach it [38:11]

Making money matter: why philanthropy has become a bigger focus in Brandon's life [39:35]

Philanthropy: ways to make money matter through business [41:56]

Brandon’s Maui recommendations [43:33]

Where to find Brandon Turner online [46:56]




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