Aug. 19, 2022

My Favorite Apps, Products and Services for a Productive and Optimized Life

#73: In this bonus episode, Chris shares all the apps, products, services and chrome extension he uses to make his life more productive and efficient. That includes optimizing email, scheduling meetings, storing information and accessing everything quickly from your computer. He'll also share the products he uses at home to make life more efficient, including his desk A/V  setup.


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Full Show Notes

How to optimize your email and inbox [00:58] 

Easily schedule events with Calendly [6:08]

Where to store information online [6:50] 

Using Notion to organize everything [8:43] 

My favorite productivity app: Alfred [10:43]

Organize your desktop windows with Rectangle [12:04]

The best Chrome extensions for productive browsing [12:33]

Running mobile apps on your computer [15:46] 

Organizing recipes and meal planning with Paprika [17:09] 

Storing passwords and 2FA keys with 1Password [17:59] 

Upgrading your audio with a microphone [19:58] 

My favorite headphones [21:30]

Improving your video setup {22:26]

The ultimate home WiFi setup with Unifi [24:44] 

Home Tech: Locks, Alarm System + Speakers [26:01]

Tracking your fitness and sleep with the Oura Ring [26:59]


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