Feb. 2, 2022

The Power of Regret, Motivation and Good Timing

#40: Bestselling Author Daniel Pink joins Chris to discuss how regret works and how it can help us make smarter decisions, perform better at work and bring greater meaning to our lives. They also talk about Dan’s best hacks, tips and tricks for timing, motivation and more.

Daniel Pink (@DanielPink) is the author of several bestselling books on business, work, creativity, and behavior, with his latest book being The Power of Regret: How Looking Backward Moves Us Forward. His books have collectively spent more than 5 years on the New York Times best seller’s list (including two #1 spots) and have been translated to 42 languages. Those books include Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates UsWhen: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing and To Sell is Human.


Selected Links From The Episode

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Dan Pink’s Books:

Dan's Top 10 Ted Talk: The puzzle of motivation

Organize and store your tabs: One Tab Chrome Extension

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Full Show Notes

Who is Dan Pink (and his thoughts on All The Hacks)? [00:11]

What is regret? [02:59]

Why is regret so powerful? [03:50]

The 4 core regrets everyone has (according to 17,000 people’s regrets). [05:45]

The single most important lesson from Dan Pink’s research on regret. [11:29]

Always go to funerals. [13:24]

The best decision-making hack to avoid regret. [14:18]

3 steps to reframe how you think about the regrets you already have. [15:23]

Overcoming career regrets: making a failure resume. [20:00]

Anticipated regret: why you SHOULD change your answer on a multiple-choice test. [22:59]

Anticipated regret: maximizers and satisficers. [24:56]

Anticipated regret: Jeff Bezos’ regret minimization principle [29:48]

The surprising truth about what motivates us. [32:28]

Do people need to create their own autonomy, mastery, and purpose (and why you might be demotivated)?  [35:07]

Having more ‘why’ conversations. [41:43]

When is the best time to do the things you want to do throughout the day? [43:21]

Is remote and autonomous work better for night owls? [48:41]

Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day? [49:42]

The kinds of breaks you should take every day. [51:02]

Is there such a thing as ‘good timing’ throughout the year (not the day)? [54:09]

Having physical boxes for your future projects. [56:41]

Having a spark file (and having a system to organize and store your random thoughts). [58:32]

A line-a-day notebook. [01:01:38]

How to connect with Dan Pink. [01:03:25]



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