July 20, 2022

Rental Cars: Saving Money, Avoiding Fees and All the Secret Tricks

#66: Rental car expert, Jonathan Weinberg, joins me to discuss saving money and getting the best rate when renting a car. We also delve into the state of rental cars today, strategies to avoid paying exorbitant fees, the advantage of status loyalty programs, car rental insurance, money-saving hotel, airfare, and travel hacks, and much more.

Jonathan Weinberg is the co-founder and CEO of AutoSlash, a website dedicated to saving people money on car rentals.


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AutoSlash | HotelSlash - discount code: allthehacks

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Full Show Notes

History of the rental car industry and the state of rental cars today [2:05]

Advice about when and where to book your rental vehicle and the many variables that complicate the search [5:21]

How the AutoSlash search engine operates [11:15]

Prepay versus postpay and searching for the best rates [12:45]

Using discount programs to save money and get the best rate [14:01]

Avoiding exorbitant fees and hassle by exercising caution when using an employer or corporate discount code [17:03]

Timing the booking of your rental to get the best deal [20:05]

How flexible are pick-up times, what companies offer grace periods for late returns, and how do weekend rental rates work? [23:07]

The differences between a 4/5 star brand and a 2 stars brand [28:01]

Other benefits to consider when choosing a car rental company to rent from and the advantages of status loyalty programs [33:18]

What to look for when choosing your rental vehicle [35:55]

Factors to consider when choosing to rent from the non-traditional rental companies [37:40]  

Exercising caution when using opaque rentals or broker websites [40:43]

Rental companies overselling their inventory and what to do if your rental is not available [44:11] 

Negotiating discounts when you get upgraded to a larger vehicle [48:49]

Never leave money on the table by paying for pre-paid fuel [49:52]

Using your credit card car insurance, personal car insurance, or rental car company insurance. [50:59]

Should you add more liability coverage than what is included, and are you covered if you book with points? [53:17]

Using Amex rental car coverage [56:07] 

Tips to avoid paying for various add-on rental fees [1:00:04]

Tricks to score free upgrades [1:05:15]

Documenting imperfections on your rental car [1:06:05]

Tips and tricks when renting a car internationally [1:08:17]

Two ways to use AutoSlash [1:11:35]

Money-saving hotel, airfare, and travel hacks [1:14:17] 




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