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One of my favorite podcasts

I have really enjoyed learning “All the Hacks” as you would say from this podcast. Almost every episode I find something new to explore!

Great content and tips

I only discovered this in the last year. Wish I knew about it years ago. So much quality.

Renewed my interest in Travel Hacking

I’ve been traveling hacking for awhile, but since the pandemic I started not focusing on it very much. This show has helped to re-energize my interest and provided information for new tools to help me to keep track of all the moving pieces. I’ve listened to a couple of episodes and look for to going back to previous shows.

Great tips awesome show notes

This podcast is enjoyable and helpful. I’ve already saved money from some of the hacks I’ve learned. I especially appreciate who well organized and helpful the show notes are. They link to all the hacks the info discussed in the episode. It makes it so much easier start using the hacks.

Such a practical, informative & entertaining podcast

I learn something new each episode. Highly recommend you subscribe so you don't miss topics of interest to you when they come along.

Optimizers Unite!

This is a great podcast, it’s covers a range of areas in life that you can optimize, with an emphasis on travel. I started travel hacking about 3-4 years ago, was skeptical at first, but have since been trying to optimize every aspect of travel hacking and credit cards in all areas of my life. This podcast is great, look forward to each weeks podcast. I’m a life optimizer, about 6 years ago I took a job as a optimization engineer, so you can say it’s something I’m “good” at? Sometimes an optimizer will waste time over analyzing and delaying, but I make sure I’m intentional and not over complicate optimizing everything in life.

Super interesting, insightful, and helpful!

I love this podcast! I’ve learned so much about points, crypto, traveling, and health. The episode with Arthur Brooks was one of my favorites!

Wish I found this podcast sooner

Heard about this show from Julia @geobreeze! Love this podcast! Wish I found it sooner!

Great Content

Love this show. I always learn something new and Chris genuinely wants us share his knowledge. Overall great vibe.

Goldmine of advice/tips/hacks

For a life optimizer, this podcast is gold. Have enjoyed listening to every episode. I initially thought would be a financial/ travel point optimization podcast, but it has been so much more! Health, relationships, time management… touches every aspect of life. Keep it up Chris!

Better than True Crime!

Seriously, I’ve been on the true crime podcast bandwagon for too long. I needed something healthier and happier to listen to, that also appealed to my interests. Chris has great guests, and is always talking about one of my biggest passions: travel! I love learning more and more from this podcast.

Excellent wealth of knowledge

I’ve learned so many hacks listening to Chris’ show that I feel guilty listening for free! I truly enjoy the content and look forward to leaning more helpful, key life tips. The show is clear and easy to understand, I’ve recommended this podcast to friends and family.

Great podcast

I love hacks that have practical applications. This podcast provides great tips for hacking life.

Episode #4 Made me $6k

Chris, thanks for all the info you and your guest on episode #4 gave us! We listed to it a few times on a road trip through Big Sur. We had a lease that was ending the next month and because of the tips on that episode we were able to get the equity from the lease and come out with $6k in our pocket the next month! That was the last debt we had and ended with a bang! Please continue to share your hacks! I share this podcast with everyone 😎

One of the best

I’ve been listening since the first episode. Hands down one of my fav podcasts! educational, fun, & so inspiring!!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge Chris!

Quality Podcast

One of the highest-quality financial podcasts I’ve come across! Very practical information that anyone can understand and apply.


Very informational and great insights on points stacking!

Excellent podcast

Great podcast, diverse information, short and sweet, universally useful.

Like the podcast

I like this podcast and have learned a lot about financial info & travel. Great job on these episodes! I do have some concerns about the episodes that discuss health “hacks”. I found Episode 32 especially troubling. I think there should be major warnings when people are discussing health related items, and are recommending specific supplements or treatments. This guy has a doctor that he pays a lot of money to have these treatments and be monitored to make sure he’s doing them safely and not negatively impacting himself. Most people who may hear this and do some DIY treatment do not have this level of monitoring or input from a doctor. I would like more disclaimer that people need to work with an actual doctor and that this is not medical advice that people should DIY.

Actionable tips

Love this podcast! Lots of actionable tips and tricks for travel and other great life hacks. Also, I appreciate all the diving into different unknowns like buyer clubs. I’m also looking forward to the next episode!

TONS of Great Info

Very entertaining, helpful, and actionable podcast to improve all aspects of your life! This is my favorite podcast

Awesome Podcast and Life Hack

This podcast is great. While not every episode hits my interests, many do and teach me some real life hacks that save me plenty of time and money. Great work Chris!

The only show I regularly listen to

This show is great and it is the only one I regularly listen to. Such high quality content, guests, and sponsors. Chris has really great recommendations so I trust his judgement. Highly recommend!

Great hacks!

I’ve been listening to this podcast for about a month and learned a ton of tricks! Including which card made sense to finance our move back home! Thank you!

Great travel podcast

Love this podcast, have learned so much! Excited to use all the new travel hacks on our big upcoming trip!

Great listen

This is a well produced podcast that helps me pick up tips on points or saving money. I may not always use all the hacks but it’s nice to know what’s out there or what is available.

The best life hacks podcast

I came for the travel hacking episodes (and they’re still some of my favorites), but the unsung heroes are all the other episodes. Chris Hutchins brings on such good guests from all aspects of life. I’ve learned a ton and have implemented so many little hacks that have vastly improved my life thanks to this podcast.

Great content, great guests

I’ve been listening since the first podcast and love the diversity of topics covered. Content is engaging and keeps me listening and coming back week after week.

Great show

Good tips and hacks, very well done


Love the show and listening each week. Has great guests on each week and helps me to learn a lot more about points, travel, and life in general

Must Listen

Great host, great guests, great topics for all things life hacking — particularly in the areas of travel, finance, and health/wellness. Highly recommended!

Great hacks!

Given me lots of ideas to maximize my spending rewards!

Always useful

One of the hacks for life is to listen to Chris’s podcast. You can learn so much in an hour or so per week. No filler, super useful. I’ve bought most of the books he has featured and they have been fantastic and then recommended by me to others. Regardless of the topic, the episodes are well done and are immensely practical.

Great podcast. Do more Q&A episodes.

I’ve been listening since episode 1. But recently I’ve gotten into travel hacking so I went back and re-listened to all the episodes dealing with points and credit cards. By far my favorite episodes were the Q&A episodes. Definitely listened to them multiple times. They cover so much ground from multiple different angles. I love the way you explain your viewpoints. Keep up the great work.

Great Life-optimization Podcast

“All the Hacks” has been an invaluable resource for me over the past several months. In this podcast, Chris covers everything from travel hacks to leadership best practices, and everything in between. Instead of shooting in the dark, Chris and his guests have set up a roadmap for me to cultivate a happier, healthier, and financially independent lifestyle. Thanks, Chris!

Chris is a fountain of knowledge!

I love this podcast! I’ve learned so many interesting things. Health, money, travel it’s all in one place! Thank you Chris I look forward to All the Hacks every week!

Thank you for sharing

This is an awesome podcast, thanks for your efforts and sharing all these knowledge

Wholistic life hacking

I love the various ways this podcast features life hacks, not just for efficiency but also for a more meaningful life. Chris brings on top notch guests and the takeaways are actionable and thought provoking!

Awesome podcast!

This podcast is a must listen for anyone looking to live their best life on their best budget! Chris is a great host and each of his conversations with guests is truly interesting and insightful.

Need a Beginners Class

I really enjoy and find myself listening over and over to the same show to try to understand the many travel tips provided. Found out about the podcast a few months ago. I’m on the wrong side of 70 and have not traveled in the past few years but have accumulated lots of miles from Chase and Capital One. I understand the concept of transferring miles but not the mechanics of how to do it. If you haven’t already, it would be very helpful for a show about actually how to do the excellent tips you provide. Sam K

Great for Life Hacks : Travel, Investing, to

There are few places where you can get life hacks that are tangible in all areas: money, investing, travel, relationships, happiness, etc. I love the investment and travel hacks but the diversity is very refreshing. It’s thoughtful and complimentary to the finance and travel hacks. Highly recommend

Great find for travel hacks

If you want to listen to an everyday joe, someone just like you, explain to you how to scheme airlines, hotels and credit cards into upgrading your life, THIS is the show for you. While the show does also veer away from those subjects into self-help, relationship hacks, etc, the episodes around travel and points are definitely the show’s strongest. Highly recommend the episodes with Leigh Rowan, Brian Kelly, Tim Ferris, Scott Keyes, Ramit Sethi, Paula Pant and above all else - Kevin Rose. Enjoy!


I was wondering if you knew of any vacation packages that are worth the 500-2000 they might cost. A coworker of mine says she paid 1200 but had a year to use everything in the vacation package and said it was easily worth it. Also, how do you find out about the credit card promotions, and how would one with 650-700 credit score get accepted to other credit cards ? Thanks, so far a very informative show! Loving what I’m learning, I need to start writing things down lol

Finally found this

I’ve been looking for exactly this podcast as I have the hack lifestyle in my blood. Sometimes I wonder how these folks have this kind of time buy points using a new card every month and then use points and then exchange and then stopover and … but love listening. FAVORITE podcast!

Favorite New Podcast

Keep up the great work Chris! High quality podcast right here :)

All The Hacks

Pod is awesome! Learned so much already. Chris has already replied to 2 different emails I’ve sent him. Looking forward to listening for a long time!


I learn something in every episode. Easy to listen to and conveys complex concepts clearly. The #1 and only podcast I always listen weekly. Keep it up Chris. Thanks for creating this podcast

time well spent

my first ever podcast review! i enjoy Chris’ podcast. the content he provides is five star. beat wishes and hope for many more episodes!

Worth a listen!

I enjoy listening to All the Hacks on a weekly basis. Chris is a great host - he is continually honing his craft and he finds great guests to interview each week!

Great content

The episodes are the perfect pace and length. Chris brings on interesting guests and while I think I am fairly savvy with my strategies I find myself with easily 2-3 take aways from each episode to read or research further.

Fun and educational listen

I am really enjoying this podcast. It’s about an hour long, which is the perfect length and Chris interviews different guests about optimizing different aspects of your life. I listen to other podcasts like Choose FI, but this one feels more relatable and easier to listen to. When a new episode comes out, I always put it at the top of my queue, and I listen to a lot of podcasts. Thanks Chris!

Great topics and guests!

Thank for getting me started on the path to credit card rewards. Can you make a podcast episode on a step by step approach - once I have the sign up bonus how do I go on to look at flights, etc? The next steps basically

Weekly knowledge

Thanks you Chris for making me a bit more knowledgeable every week!

Great info!

This quickly became my favorite podcast and I do not miss an episode! Chris and his guests cover interesting topics and provide awesome life hacks. Chris, keep up the good work!

Best Life Hack Podcast

Can’t recommend Chris and this podcast more! Tons of great content each week.

[Updated] Used to be great

Updated post: I’m updating my rating based on the latest 8minute episode released on 2/8. I believe he called out this specific review and it was really refreshing to see all his plans laid out and directly taking inputs from his listeners. From the survey he went over, it sounds like most people are in the same boat as me and started listening to the podcast for things specific to money/travel/point hacking and not so much on the “life hacks”. A mixture is fine and I’m sure it’s hard to constantly come up with new episodes specifically around those niche topics, but hopefully something works. Appreciate the addressing of the feedback, Chris. Looking forward to future episodes. Original post: This podcast used to be great and focused on money and travel hacks and is even labeled as "investing" podcast in the Podcasts app. However now the episodes are turning into wannabe Tim Ferris podcasts where it's long discussions on motivation and emotional issues like stress. Not what the original podcast was about and will likely lose me as a listener. It's fine if he wants to become a shorter formed Tim Ferris but it should go into a separate podcast.

My favorite new podcast

What I love most about this podcast is getting all of the best hacks from so many amazing people in finance, self improvement, and productivity. I’ve only listen to a few episodes and I already have new hacks that I am working to implement into my life.

Learn something every episode

I love this podcast for the actionable insights that are packed into every episode.

Making life better

Very appreciative to this podcast. It has made a positive impact on my life! Keep them coming.

At minimum, it is thought provoking.

I subscribed to this podcast for ideas on how to maximize travel and points, but as the topics branched out into other areas I found these topics to be at minimum, thought provoking. Some examples that come to mind are self-insuring, time management, and just about any conversation with Kevin Rose. Actually I think it was Kevin’s podcast that introduced me to Chris’ podcast. So many tips and ideas in so many areas of life. I look forward to every episode.

Entertaining, concise, & specific

Packed with actionable tips and often focused on one of the most important topics (money) or one of the most enjoyable topics (travel), Chris gets out a ton of great information in a way that’s easy to digest and fun to listen to without skipping the details (or letting his guests skip them) that enable YOU to actually take advantage of the knowledge being shared. If Malcolm Gladwell’s love for “descending into the particulars” or Ramit Sethi’s pleas for “getting specific” resonate with you at all, then I think you might especially enjoy the style. Chris - Many thanks for creating something so useful!

Hack guide

Learned so many life hacks since listening to this podcast from the beginning. Travel, life, health, money, investments you name it!🤩

Great podcast!

Thanks for sharing all these hacks!

TONS of Great Info

Very entertaining, helpful, and actionable podcast to improve all aspects of your life!

In my top 3 podcasts.

Love this podcast and how Chris always asks for those tangible tips from every guest. I get something (aka LOTS of things) from every episode. And I love the extensive, detailed show notes!

Great positive podcast

Great podcast, very helpful and diverse hints and hacks for improving performance, leadership, and benefits. Credit cards, investment, language , everything

Great Ideas

My husband and I enjoy this podcast because Chris consistently brings guests on that have great ideas for shortcuts, life hacks, and other general ways to get more out of life. We feel like we’re getting inside scoops, secrets, and otherwise lesser-known tips about a whole range of topics. Keep up the good work, Chris.

Fantastic Show!

Great podcast! Really enjoyed the Kerri Lee Walsh episode.

Amazing and unique content every podcast

Absolutely love the content and guests Chris brings to the table! Has helped me upgrade my life and can’t recommend it enough for folks!

Enjoy Your Money

This show is awesome and has already saved me money. My favorite tip was about asking doctors and pharmacies for coupon codes on prescriptions. I have a monthly prescription that was costing $50 and I am now paying $5 after asking my doctor about it and he referred me to a local delivery service. That’s over $500 a year! Thanks Chris for everything you’re doing and all the info. I am finally enjoying my money instead of dreading it!


Great for relevant current info, love the different topic and guests. Haven’t come across one I didn’t care for yet.

Such tangible stuff!

Recently discovered this podcast… It was a shout out from Tim Ferris! Really enjoying it, it gives such tangible tips and many of which I have already begun to implement! Love the credit card episode – I have traveled my entire life and never really gotten any benefits from it so I am excited to start now! Thank you!!


I have gained so much from this podcast! From maximizing my travel rewards, tips to land the job I want (just got it!), starting with BlockFi, or reminding myself to go after my bucket list- Chris has helped in so many aspects. Keep up the fantastic work!


Fun and informative Looking forward to more

Finally a hackathon for non-programmers!

A little something for everyone. One of the most useful, tactical new pods out there. Keep up the good work!

Great podcast to learn how to save time

I keep thinking Chris will run out of interesting “hacks” and guests, but he keeps finding great people who help me think about things in a better way. The episodes aren’t too long, are entertaining, and will always teach you something. Plus, Chris actually responds to your questions and is really helpful!


Chris is an excellent guy, clear thinker and communicator, and it really shows with how vast his network is with the quality of guests. Keep it coming!

Fantastic high-quality podcast!!

Love the guests that you have on and fantastic conversations you have with them.Can you record a show with an information on how to save on monthly bills telephone cable etc.

Great Life and Personal Maximization Strategies

One of my favorite podcasts to listen to. Practical advice for every day life. Always have a few takeaways from each episode. This podcast is my vibe since as long as I could remember, I always life hacked in some way, so it’s great to hear other ways I could be maximizing. Nice work on the podcast! A big fan. Keep up the awesome content.


Fantastic podcast with great guests. The length of each episode is great and allows listeners to learn informative details without overwhelming them. I’ve picked up a large amount of tips and tricks from this podcast.

Life Changing!

I stumbled upon this podcast around the 3rd episode, and it has literally changed my life. It sent my down the amazing, formerly-unknown-to-me,rabbit hole of FI, and things will never be the same. I eagerly await new episodes and find it fun and exciting to implement what I learn. It is so helpful and practical and smart and Chris walks his talk and is a wealth of simple yet profound nformation and strategies. . Since listening to his podcast, I have become excited about budgeting, found unclaimed money, optimized my retirement crypto accounts, learned much better strategies regarding travel points, confidently bought out my auto lease, and enrolled in a real estate investing course. I know I am gushing but I literally had my head in the sand around so many of these topics and now I am feeling so much more savvy and empowered. I can’t recommend it enough. Am super grateful!

Great Podcast!

I’ve been only listening to this podcast for the last couple weeks! Don’t skip around too much, I just wrote in and requested a guest that was already on. 🤦🏼‍♂️ such great tips in every episode. Get your notepad out!

Great show

I love this show bc the host is very interesting and I love how he speaks with so much clarity. I love that he shares a lot of his personal stories too. The episode with Tim Ferris was super interesting. Not usually a fan of Tim bc he is such a nerd and goes wayyyy too deep on everything to the point of boring but I did listen to this whole episode. Chris I love your guests and how you interview them. Keep going.

Awesome dude

Heard Chris on Tim Ferriss and was blown away by his questions, craft, and attention to detail. You’ve got a new fan in me. Love it

Pretty awesome stuff

Really like the host ! He asks all the right questions and is very respectful

How to buy a car

Soooo much great information. Thank you!!

A Variety of Hacks

Chris does a great job of trying to share life and money hacks from all angles of life including money, parenting, fitness, food, points programs, and a ton of others. I found some real nuggets listening to a few of the episodes.

Nicely balance interviewing

The host does a good job letting his guests talk enough! This may sound simple, but it really makes a difference that he asks a question then doesn’t over-explain, doesn’t fawn, and generally doesn't talk too much! I find myself wanting to get through it every episode, which is really rare. For me anyway. Thank you!

Such tangible stuff!

Recently discovered this podcast… It was a shout out from Tim Ferris! Really enjoying it, it gives such tangible tips and many of which I have already begun to implement! Love the credit card episode – I have traveled my entire life and never really gotten any benefits from it so I am excited to start now! Thank you!!

Engaging and educational

Chris is a great host who engages well with his guests (no dull moment) which made me subscribe to his show. I’m so happy that he made this podcast to help newbies like me travel hack and learn more about finances- to be smart about it.

Love it!! Highly recommend

I’ve been listening to this podcast for a while and I’ve loved every episode. It gives me so many new perspectives on how my finances can improve, how my outlook on life can change, and more. There’s a little bit of everything for anyone as they have so many guest speakers come in.

Rob from M is for Money Book

Love it! So many different segments with something for everyone in each episode.

Super helpful insights!

Just found this podcast and the info so far on personal finance and travel has been amazing. No basic hacks here. Highly recommend!

Great podcast

I’ve really enjoyed listening to the podcast. Solid information on how to maximize the lifestyle you want by leveraging hacks from industry experts. Thanks for the learnings!


This is not just another hacker podcast. Fantastic info on travel

HIGHLY Reccommend

If anyone is looking to be more financially literate, this is the podcast for you. This podcast is awesome, I love the topics and guests and helps me think about things I haven’t before. Highly recommend.

Beat show for all kinds of life hacks, general theme to save money

I am really enjoying all the life hacks I am learning on this show. While the general theme is hacks for saving money I am learning great hacks on travel, hotel upgrades, cooking etc. and honestly who doesn’t love a good deal or a great hack. Plus the host has a great radio voice and is really fun to listen to. Highly recommend this podcast.


I just learned about this podcast through SB show and decided to follow and listen to at least one show. I found myself loving it. So much useful information shared. I am already recommend it to my friends and family. Thank you for such a great show.

Spans the spectrum

Have been listening for a couple months now. One of the things I like about this show is the topics covered are presented in a format for beginners but also throws in enough pieces of meat for more hackers who are ready to jump right in and do their own research. Having the links consistently listed at the bottom of the show is especially convenient and helpful.

Top Notch Content

I listen to a ton of podcasts, but this is my favorite. The continent is always focused, well – presented, and insightful. The tone is positive and encouraging. I love it!

Great Hacks

Hey Chris, You have definitely been creating a great show. Love the different topics from travel, to money, to real estate. All great so far. Keep up the great work!

Quality From the Start

Chris is killing it. By far, my new favorite podcast. Great conversations with a ton of substance. Really relate to Chris and his approach to finance, especially when it comes to the points game and beyond. One of the few shows I’ve been looking forward to every time a new episode drops. Stoked to follow along.

Incredible Finance Hacks!

Easily the best podcast to maximize your finances with the tools you already have. Also amazed how it’s taught me to really think about my time in terms of cost. Chris and his podcast have really freed me to more things in my life! Can’t recommend enough!

Great podcast 🔥🔥

I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for creating such an impactful podcast! I believe that we all have a voice that deserves to be heard. Thank you for putting this into the world! BE UNBROKEN! @MichaelUnbroken

Great guests

I particularly enjoyed Chris’ conversations with Brad Barrett and Paula Pant. Down to earth conversations about money and life optimization.

Fantastic New Podcast

All The Hacks is fast becoming one of my favorite podcasts. I first heard about All The Hacks on the Choose FI podcast. I really enjoy learning better ways to optimize my life and he has great guest speakers on. The podcast notes are excellent!

Amazing Guests!

The All The Hacks podcasts is quickly becoming one of my favorite podcasts I listen to. Each guest interviewed covers a different segment of the diverse personal finance/frugality/life maximization landscape. So far each of the guests interviewed I have subsequently read their book or followed their podcast/blog. Highly recommend!

Great Show

This is a must listen to for me every week. It has great advice on little ways to save and reinvest in yourself/family. Personal finance doesn’t need to be hard and the topics / hacks they cover can really make it easier. Chris is a great host and brings in some great guests every week. Thank you for doing this!

First Ever Review

This is the first time I’ve ever left a review for a podcast and I’m doing this because I look forward to these episodes every week and I’d love for other people to find it and it be a big success. I don’t know what I’d do without it.

Favorite new podcast!

Thank you Chris for creating this awesome podcast. I have shared and utilized many of the hacks since I started listening. I can safely say I either saved or “found” a couple hundred dollars in past month by following a the various hacks mentioned in the episodes. Keep the incredible content coming!

Great Jib!

I look forward hearing from you weekly. Try to keep the podcasts about 30 mins… all the best


Never have I ever taken notes from a podcast and adapted my lifestyle to it. You will learn so much that will benefit you financially. I can’t wait until each new episode. Please keep up the greatness. Side note can you talk about investing for beginners? I need to know how to pick a stock, what to look for and how to invest. I need all the help I can get. Thanks again for the wonderful content!

Great Jib!

I look forward hearing from you weekly. Try to keep the podcasts about 30 mins… all the best


This podcast is filled with high quality, practical life pro tips in many different aspects from travel to personal finance. Thank you Chris for the awesome contents!

Love the variety.

This podcast is amazing. Wide range of topics to help improve your life in many different areas.

Actually life changing

It is rare that you can say that you listen to a podcast and it actually makes a significant impact on your life. This has happened to me now multiple times listening to this extraordinary podcast. It has demystified credit card points, cheaper travel and investing in cryptocurrency up to this point for me, I have followed advice and have had real upgrade to my life. I can’t thank Chris and his guests enough can’t wait to see what comes next.

Valuable hacks!

Thanks so much for creating this! There is so much value here. Loved the recent episode on crypto - so timely!

Practical Life Hacks!

I love that the hacks are practical! It’s just reasonable information and I appreciate when Chris asks the guests how certain hacks can work for parents.


Absolutely love the show. So many great ideas.

Awesome Podcast!

This is one of my favorite podcasts! So much great information and helpful tips!

Excellent content

I love this podcast. The content is extremely versatile and very useful information. Please keep them coming, especially the travel hacks!

Every episode has great insights - just start listening

Look forward to every episode for useful ideas. And as a fellow podcaster I appreciate the editing, show notes, and most importantly, quality of each guest.

Love The Podcast

I love this podcast. I’ve learned so much and can’t wait to learn more. Thank you.

Instant Favorite

This podcast has instantly provided me with so much information. My Fiancé and I want to travel a lot more, including planning our wedding in Europe next year! This podcast has really informed me of so many hacks that save time and money. I work in the rental car industry and it was great hearing some things that he said that were so true! Give us more episodes!

New Favorite

I’ve been an OG podcast listener and am pretty picky as to what shows I listen to regularly. All the Hacks has definitely become one that I’ve been listening to regularly if not multiple times because the value and density of information is so good! Audio gold my friends

He Walks the Talk

Chris knows what he is talking about! Great information and advice in this podcast that will improve your life.

Great info!!

The travel hacking episode was full of so much great content! I will definitely be listening to it again.

Awesome hacks!

Loving all the hacks and great ideas this podcast has presented on a more deeper level. Please keep all things related to travel and credit card hacking coming! Thoroughly enjoying this a ton!

Everything is 5.X

Big fan of this show. Really quality content. I know there are show notes but I spend the entire episode stopping to write down all of the good tips that Chris and his guests are providing . Glad that this podcast exists

Amazing show!

I have learned so much with just the first few episodes! So good!


There are only a few episodes so far, but this is an exceptional podcast. I can't wait to listen to each new episode and I get a ton of great ideas listening to each one. I hope Chris can keep up the high value topics going forward. Love it!


Love good savings hack. Would love to hear a Disney savings hack episode!


Keep up the good work @Chris. Appreciate all the info you provide to those willing to execute!

Love the Quality!

I am extremely excited to see where this podcast takes us. There are other “life hack” podcasts out there but this one has so much more depth then those. Please keep this going!

First episode saved me $120

Listened to episode 1 and immediately cancelled a booking I made through a third party site and booked directly with the hotel. This saved me $120 and will likely lead to some upgrades. This podcast has great hacks!

One stop shop for all the hacks

Awesome podcast for the easy hacks. You can apply some of not all to improve your life. Thanks Chris for the podcast. - Rakesh

Great podcast

Just listened to the first two podcasts. Got slot of very helpful, insightful info. Can’t wait for more!

Awesome show

I think you can get a ton of knowledge from this, but most importantly it’s entertaining.

Next big podcast!

Chris has some amazing insight. Can't wait to see how the podcast grows

Subscribe and learn!

Episode one down and already hooked! Incredible tips for travel. Can’t wait to see what else is in store. Listened to your guest spot on ChooseFI and so happy that I subscribed to your podcast. Thank you and good luck on your future episodes!


about to learn some hacks 👏👏👏👏

Great Life Hacks

I love the format and content. I am looking forward to many more episodes!

So helpful!!!

I learned so many things off of just one episode! Great podcast for everything under the sun involving travel!

Great Hacks!

Great tips and tricks in the first episode especially for traveling abroad!

Incredible hacks

The podcast is extremely to the point and gives you so many hacks in such a short amount of time. I loved the first episode and can’t wait for what’s to come.

Came from Nas Daily

Came from Nas Daily to learn the tricks

Mom life must have

I am SO excited to hear more from Chris! I’m a busy mom, I don’t have the time to break these things down but I can do more when we spend less!! Love this whole concept and I’m SO glad I stumbled onto this podcast!!!

Helpful ideas

Thanks for this to the point podcast on Hacks! I was looking forward to episode 1 and it did not let me down. I can’t wait to see what else I can learn!

This Show is So Useful!

Love the show. Chris is charismatic and a great host. He clearly knows what questions to ask. I learned so many tips and gems when traveling. Can’t wait to see what other subjects he tackles.