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Consistently Great Podcast!

Consistently enjoy and benefit from this podcast. Loved your conversation with Matt Higgins. What really resonated with me was just how little I knew about overcoming fear and processing failure. Tons of amazing takeaways in this episode!

Great travel and credit card podcast!!

This podcast opened up the world of credit card optimization into my life. Couldn’t believe I was leaving so much on the table. Also, I’ve always been a traveler, but Chris opened my eyes to so much more information and great ideas!! 💯 recommend!!

Cool and thoughtful

Chris keeps adding value show after show. A lot of gems shared.


Loved your episode about Italy! I am planning on taking a sabbatical and living there the next few months so perfect timing. I listened to it twice to be able to write down all of the tips. So helpful. Thanks!

It does what it says…..

All the hacks simply delivers what you need - tools to help you optimize your life. Every episode delivers 100% I have learned so much and look forward to learning with every new episode. One of the best shows ever. So grateful to Chris.


Found this podcast via ChooseFI. Professionally produced. Really great information. Sometimes have to listen twice to get it all. Highly recommended.

Worth the listen

Time is valuable and this podcast offer hacks that enhance your life and can save you time, money and unnecessary stress. I have already put some of it to use.

Amazing tips

Amazing $ and life tips. I look forward to each episode Chris!

Wealth of Information

I look forward to every episode and feel like I learn something of value every show. Definitely one of my favorite podcasts!

Swiss Army Knife of Podcasts

I’ve really enjoyed listening to this podcast for the last few years and highly recommend it to all of my friends and family. There is always such great ideas given that can be useful and easily applied. Thanks Chris!

Awesome podcast!

Found All the Hacks through ChooseFI. I love Chris’ podcast! I totally identify as an optimizer and have found so many useful hacks.

Amazing pod

Amazing pod, excellent and valuable content by an honest and charismatic leader. Thanks

Mailbag Hacks are outstanding.

I enjoy the show every week. The content is usually something I'm interested in, specifically the points and miles episodes. The mailbag hack's letters point out areas I often overlook in my life. I find Chris's explanations clearly stated and easy to follow.

Great Podcast!

Love the podcast, Chris! Found you from your interview with Paula Pant on Afford Anything. Was really interested in diving deeper on the travel hacking so i checked out your podcast. I was pleasantly surprised by all the other, non travel hacking content you produce too. Always looking forward to new episodes!

Chris is great host and offers valuable takeaways.

I am a new listener going down his list of 100+ shows. I appreciate he tries ro be relevant and valuable to his audience and delivers!

More than hacks

I came for the hacks, stayed for the all-encompassing conversations and topics covered by Chris. He is such an amazing, personable and curious host. On my list of top podcasts (and I’m a huge podcast listener).

Favorite podcast

This is hands down my favorite podcast. I’ve learned so much and appreciate all of the tactical action steps in every episode. Keep it up!

Awesome Show!

I’ve learned so much on this show about how to be a leader; and optimize my way there. Highly recommend to add this show to your roster. It is easy flowing but gets at deep conversations.


This is the podcast that finally convinced me to listen to podcasts… great content, great conversations, and great energy. I always leave feeling like I learned something, whether directly applicable to my life or just a cool idea.

Favorite Podcast

My new favorite podcast! 🌟 Literally the best podcast I listen to. ❤️

Excellent insights

Great in depth info on a variety of topics!

Terrific Life info!

3 episodes into the show, and I’ve already received a ton of information! It’s much more than (the overused term) “hacks”. The show provides many valuable tips on everything from money, health, investing, and living life. I enjoy listening to it and also really enjoy following through on a game plan with the links provided in the show notes, keep up the great work, Chris!

Great podcast

Awesome podcast! Gives great tips and hacks for all facets and of life. His interview guest are very good as well, are interesting and bring extra detail.

Actionable tips

Love this podcast! Lots of actionable tips and tricks for travel and other great life hacks. Also, I appreciate all the diving into different unknowns like buyer clubs. I’m always looking forward to the next episode!

So thankful I found this podcast!

So much to love in this podcast! Travel, money, productivity, relationships… all with hacks and hard won lessons to improve your life. I have never stuck with a weekly show because I never felt I have the time. I make time for this show. I can honestly say my life has been upgraded thanks to Chris and All The Hacks. And as a bonus, he actually responds to your emails to answer questions and give further advice. Keep up the great work, Chris!


The conversations and interviews shared on All the Hacks are always interesting and informative, and they have also introduced me to a number of new ideas that hadn’t yet crossed my radar. Every episode is worth listening to.


At first I thought the episodes are too long for my attention span. But after one episode I was hooked and I look forward to every episode and feel almost bad when one gets over. Such great wealth of knowledge from the experts. Thanks!

So many great ideas - always inspired!!

I have loved so many of these episodes and recommended a ton of them to my husband and close friends. I leave most of them with tactical ideas to implement in my day to day, a more robust understanding of some thing that can really impact my life, and just overall inspiration. I relate to so much of it and so glad I found this!

Great Podcast

Great podcast for anyone who wants to optimize their life.

All the Hacks

Excellent podcast with a good variety of useful shows for organizing life.