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[Updated] Used to be great

Updated post: I’m updating my rating based on the latest 8minute episode released on 2/8. I believe he called out this specific review and it was really refreshing to see all his plans laid out and directly taking inputs from his listeners. From the survey he went over, it sounds like most people are in the same boat as me and started listening to the podcast for things specific to money/travel/point hacking and not so much on the “life hacks”. A mixture is fine and I’m sure it’s hard to constantly come up with new episodes specifically around those niche topics, but hopefully something works. Appreciate the addressing of the feedback, Chris. Looking forward to future episodes.

Original post: This podcast used to be great and focused on money and travel hacks and is even labeled as "investing" podcast in the Podcasts app. However now the episodes are turning into wannabe Tim Ferris podcasts where it's long discussions on motivation and emotional issues like stress. Not what the original podcast was about and will likely lose me as a listener. It's fine if he wants to become a shorter formed Tim Ferris but it should go into a separate podcast.

Feb. 9, 2022 by classical-guitar on Apple Podcasts

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