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TONS of Great Info

Very entertaining, helpful, and actionable podcast to improve all aspects of your life! This is my favorite podcast

Awesome Podcast and Life Hack

This podcast is great. While not every episode hits my interests, many do and teach me some real life hacks that save me plenty of time and money. Great work Chris!

The only show I regularly listen to

This show is great and it is the only one I regularly listen to. Such high quality content, guests, and sponsors. Chris has really great recommendations so I trust his judgement. Highly recommend!

Great hacks!

I’ve been listening to this podcast for about a month and learned a ton of tricks! Including which card made sense to finance our move back home! Thank you!

Great travel podcast

Love this podcast, have learned so much! Excited to use all the new travel hacks on our big upcoming trip!

Great listen

This is a well produced podcast that helps me pick up tips on points or saving money. I may not always use all the hacks but it’s nice to know what’s out there or what is available.

The best life hacks podcast

I came for the travel hacking episodes (and they’re still some of my favorites), but the unsung heroes are all the other episodes. Chris Hutchins brings on such good guests from all aspects of life. I’ve learned a ton and have implemented so many little hacks that have vastly improved my life thanks to this podcast.

Great content, great guests

I’ve been listening since the first podcast and love the diversity of topics covered. Content is engaging and keeps me listening and coming back week after week.

Great show

Good tips and hacks, very well done


Love the show and listening each week. Has great guests on each week and helps me to learn a lot more about points, travel, and life in general

Must Listen

Great host, great guests, great topics for all things life hacking — particularly in the areas of travel, finance, and health/wellness. Highly recommended!

Great hacks!

Given me lots of ideas to maximize my spending rewards!

Always useful

One of the hacks for life is to listen to Chris’s podcast. You can learn so much in an hour or so per week. No filler, super useful. I’ve bought most of the books he has featured and they have been fantastic and then recommended by me to others. Regardless of the topic, the episodes are well done and are immensely practical.

Great podcast. Do more Q&A episodes.

I’ve been listening since episode 1. But recently I’ve gotten into travel hacking so I went back and re-listened to all the episodes dealing with points and credit cards. By far my favorite episodes were the Q&A episodes. Definitely listened to them multiple times. They cover so much ground from multiple different angles. I love the way you explain your viewpoints. Keep up the great work.

Great Life-optimization Podcast

“All the Hacks” has been an invaluable resource for me over the past several months. In this podcast, Chris covers everything from travel hacks to leadership best practices, and everything in between. Instead of shooting in the dark, Chris and his guests have set up a roadmap for me to cultivate a happier, healthier, and financially independent lifestyle. Thanks, Chris!

Chris is a fountain of knowledge!

I love this podcast! I’ve learned so many interesting things. Health, money, travel it’s all in one place! Thank you Chris I look forward to All the Hacks every week!

Thank you for sharing

This is an awesome podcast, thanks for your efforts and sharing all these knowledge

Wholistic life hacking

I love the various ways this podcast features life hacks, not just for efficiency but also for a more meaningful life. Chris brings on top notch guests and the takeaways are actionable and thought provoking!

Awesome podcast!

This podcast is a must listen for anyone looking to live their best life on their best budget! Chris is a great host and each of his conversations with guests is truly interesting and insightful.

Need a Beginners Class

I really enjoy and find myself listening over and over to the same show to try to understand the many travel tips provided. Found out about the podcast a few months ago. I’m on the wrong side of 70 and have not traveled in the past few years but have accumulated lots of miles from Chase and Capital One. I understand the concept of transferring miles but not the mechanics of how to do it. If you haven’t already, it would be very helpful for a show about actually how to do the excellent tips you provide. Sam K

Great for Life Hacks : Travel, Investing, to

There are few places where you can get life hacks that are tangible in all areas: money, investing, travel, relationships, happiness, etc. I love the investment and travel hacks but the diversity is very refreshing. It’s thoughtful and complimentary to the finance and travel hacks. Highly recommend

Great find for travel hacks

If you want to listen to an everyday joe, someone just like you, explain to you how to scheme airlines, hotels and credit cards into upgrading your life, THIS is the show for you. While the show does also veer away from those subjects into self-help, relationship hacks, etc, the episodes around travel and points are definitely the show’s strongest. Highly recommend the episodes with Leigh Rowan, Brian Kelly, Tim Ferris, Scott Keyes, Ramit Sethi, Paula Pant and above all else - Kevin Rose. Enjoy!


I was wondering if you knew of any vacation packages that are worth the 500-2000 they might cost. A coworker of mine says she paid 1200 but had a year to use everything in the vacation package and said it was easily worth it. Also, how do you find out about the credit card promotions, and how would one with 650-700 credit score get accepted to other credit cards ? Thanks, so far a very informative show! Loving what I’m learning, I need to start writing things down lol

Finally found this

I’ve been looking for exactly this podcast as I have the hack lifestyle in my blood. Sometimes I wonder how these folks have this kind of time buy points using a new card every month and then use points and then exchange and then stopover and … but love listening. FAVORITE podcast!

Favorite New Podcast

Keep up the great work Chris! High quality podcast right here :)

All The Hacks

Pod is awesome! Learned so much already. Chris has already replied to 2 different emails I’ve sent him. Looking forward to listening for a long time!


I learn something in every episode. Easy to listen to and conveys complex concepts clearly. The #1 and only podcast I always listen weekly. Keep it up Chris. Thanks for creating this podcast

time well spent

my first ever podcast review! i enjoy Chris’ podcast. the content he provides is five star. beat wishes and hope for many more episodes!

Worth a listen!

I enjoy listening to All the Hacks on a weekly basis. Chris is a great host - he is continually honing his craft and he finds great guests to interview each week!

Great content

The episodes are the perfect pace and length. Chris brings on interesting guests and while I think I am fairly savvy with my strategies I find myself with easily 2-3 take aways from each episode to read or research further.