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Fun and educational listen

I am really enjoying this podcast. It’s about an hour long, which is the perfect length and Chris interviews different guests about optimizing different aspects of your life. I listen to other podcasts like Choose FI, but this one feels more relatable and easier to listen to. When a new episode comes out, I always put it at the top of my queue, and I listen to a lot of podcasts. Thanks Chris!

Great topics and guests!

Thank for getting me started on the path to credit card rewards. Can you make a podcast episode on a step by step approach - once I have the sign up bonus how do I go on to look at flights, etc? The next steps basically

Weekly knowledge

Thanks you Chris for making me a bit more knowledgeable every week!

Great info!

This quickly became my favorite podcast and I do not miss an episode! Chris and his guests cover interesting topics and provide awesome life hacks. Chris, keep up the good work!

Best Life Hack Podcast

Can’t recommend Chris and this podcast more! Tons of great content each week.

[Updated] Used to be great

Updated post: I’m updating my rating based on the latest 8minute episode released on 2/8. I believe he called out this specific review and it was really refreshing to see all his plans laid out and directly taking inputs from his listeners. From the survey he went over, it sounds like most people are in the same boat as me and started listening to the podcast for things specific to money/travel/point hacking and not so much on the “life hacks”. A mixture is fine and I’m sure it’s hard to constantly come up with new episodes specifically around those niche topics, but hopefully something works. Appreciate the addressing of the feedback, Chris. Looking forward to future episodes. Original post: This podcast used to be great and focused on money and travel hacks and is even labeled as "investing" podcast in the Podcasts app. However now the episodes are turning into wannabe Tim Ferris podcasts where it's long discussions on motivation and emotional issues like stress. Not what the original podcast was about and will likely lose me as a listener. It's fine if he wants to become a shorter formed Tim Ferris but it should go into a separate podcast.

My favorite new podcast

What I love most about this podcast is getting all of the best hacks from so many amazing people in finance, self improvement, and productivity. I’ve only listen to a few episodes and I already have new hacks that I am working to implement into my life.

Learn something every episode

I love this podcast for the actionable insights that are packed into every episode.

Making life better

Very appreciative to this podcast. It has made a positive impact on my life! Keep them coming.

At minimum, it is thought provoking.

I subscribed to this podcast for ideas on how to maximize travel and points, but as the topics branched out into other areas I found these topics to be at minimum, thought provoking. Some examples that come to mind are self-insuring, time management, and just about any conversation with Kevin Rose. Actually I think it was Kevin’s podcast that introduced me to Chris’ podcast. So many tips and ideas in so many areas of life. I look forward to every episode.

Entertaining, concise, & specific

Packed with actionable tips and often focused on one of the most important topics (money) or one of the most enjoyable topics (travel), Chris gets out a ton of great information in a way that’s easy to digest and fun to listen to without skipping the details (or letting his guests skip them) that enable YOU to actually take advantage of the knowledge being shared. If Malcolm Gladwell’s love for “descending into the particulars” or Ramit Sethi’s pleas for “getting specific” resonate with you at all, then I think you might especially enjoy the style. Chris - Many thanks for creating something so useful!

Hack guide

Learned so many life hacks since listening to this podcast from the beginning. Travel, life, health, money, investments you name it!🤩

Great podcast!

Thanks for sharing all these hacks!

TONS of Great Info

Very entertaining, helpful, and actionable podcast to improve all aspects of your life!

In my top 3 podcasts.

Love this podcast and how Chris always asks for those tangible tips from every guest. I get something (aka LOTS of things) from every episode. And I love the extensive, detailed show notes!

Great positive podcast

Great podcast, very helpful and diverse hints and hacks for improving performance, leadership, and benefits. Credit cards, investment, language , everything

Great Ideas

My husband and I enjoy this podcast because Chris consistently brings guests on that have great ideas for shortcuts, life hacks, and other general ways to get more out of life. We feel like we’re getting inside scoops, secrets, and otherwise lesser-known tips about a whole range of topics. Keep up the good work, Chris.

Fantastic Show!

Great podcast! Really enjoyed the Kerri Lee Walsh episode.

Amazing and unique content every podcast

Absolutely love the content and guests Chris brings to the table! Has helped me upgrade my life and can’t recommend it enough for folks!

Enjoy Your Money

This show is awesome and has already saved me money. My favorite tip was about asking doctors and pharmacies for coupon codes on prescriptions. I have a monthly prescription that was costing $50 and I am now paying $5 after asking my doctor about it and he referred me to a local delivery service. That’s over $500 a year! Thanks Chris for everything you’re doing and all the info. I am finally enjoying my money instead of dreading it!


Great for relevant current info, love the different topic and guests. Haven’t come across one I didn’t care for yet.

Such tangible stuff!

Recently discovered this podcast… It was a shout out from Tim Ferris! Really enjoying it, it gives such tangible tips and many of which I have already begun to implement! Love the credit card episode – I have traveled my entire life and never really gotten any benefits from it so I am excited to start now! Thank you!!


I have gained so much from this podcast! From maximizing my travel rewards, tips to land the job I want (just got it!), starting with BlockFi, or reminding myself to go after my bucket list- Chris has helped in so many aspects. Keep up the fantastic work!


Fun and informative Looking forward to more

Finally a hackathon for non-programmers!

A little something for everyone. One of the most useful, tactical new pods out there. Keep up the good work!

Great podcast to learn how to save time

I keep thinking Chris will run out of interesting “hacks” and guests, but he keeps finding great people who help me think about things in a better way. The episodes aren’t too long, are entertaining, and will always teach you something. Plus, Chris actually responds to your questions and is really helpful!


Chris is an excellent guy, clear thinker and communicator, and it really shows with how vast his network is with the quality of guests. Keep it coming!

Fantastic high-quality podcast!!

Love the guests that you have on and fantastic conversations you have with them.Can you record a show with an information on how to save on monthly bills telephone cable etc.

Great Life and Personal Maximization Strategies

One of my favorite podcasts to listen to. Practical advice for every day life. Always have a few takeaways from each episode. This podcast is my vibe since as long as I could remember, I always life hacked in some way, so it’s great to hear other ways I could be maximizing. Nice work on the podcast! A big fan. Keep up the awesome content.