June 15, 2022

Multiple Streams of Income, Side Hustles and a Bridesmaid for Hire

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#61: Entrepreneur and author, Jen Glantz joins Chris to talk about how placing an ad on Craigslist as a social experiment changed her life. They also discuss how to turn your passion and natural talents into your primary source of income, three ways to maximize success in your business, and lessons learned about grit, resilience, and confidence. Finally, drawing on her experience as a professional bridesmaid, Jen shares tips and advice about everything from planning a memorable wedding to writing the perfect speech. 

Jen Glantz ( @jenglantz) is the founder of Bridesmaid For Hire, as well as a speaker, professional coach, podcast host and author. Her most recent book about trying to get married in a pandemic is Finally the Bride.

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Full Show Notes 

Jen’s first blog and the opportunities that propelled her journey [3:44]

Building credibility by consistently showing up for your audience [4:42]

Jen describes how posting an ad on Craigslist changed her life over the course of a weekend  [7:25]

Responsibilities as a “Bridesmaid for Hire” and the two types of people who hire them [9:38]

Fun and surprising experiences as a hired bridesmaid and ways to apply that knowledge to your situation [12:00]

Three professionals to consult before your wedding [16:32]

Finding your side-hustle [19:14]

Getting out of a pattern of being stuck with your ideas [21:10]

Factors to consider when setting the price of your services [22:49]

Three ways to maximize success in your business [26:45]

Leaving a steady W-2 income and turning your passion and natural talents into a full-time gig [30:49]

Jen Glantz on The James Altucher Show [36:09]

Using Kickstarter to launch your product [38:49] 

Consulting with mentors to gain different perspectives and opinions, and lessons learned about grit, resilience, and projecting confidence [41:19] 

Jen describes the time she auditioned for the role of QVC host and what she learned from that experience [46:41]

Decision-making tips for those who overthink [48:33]

Five things to focus on when planning a memorable and enjoyable wedding [50:26]

Choosing the perfect wedding music, food, and drink options [53:06] 

How to be a memorable guest (in a non-embarrassing way) [57:24] 

Giving the perfect speech [58:52]

Advice for bridesmaids and groomsmen [1:00:12]

Jen’s recommendations for where to eat and what to do in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York [1:00:45]

Where to find Jen Glantz online [1:01:17]




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