Nov. 3, 2021

Upgrade Your Travel with The Points Guy

#27: The Points Guy, Brian Kelly, joins Chris to share tons of points hacks. There are more opportunities today than ever before to earn points. In their conversation, they talk about travel in our post-pandemic world, the best credit cards you can get,  how to get the most out of your points and Brian’s favorite travel tips and destinations.

Brian Kelly (@briankelly) founded The Points Guy (TPG) in 2010. TPG is one of the largest authority sites in the world focused on maximizing points and miles. Before TPG Brian worked on Wall Street at Morgan Stanley.


Selected Links From The Episode

Connect with Brian Kelly: Instagram

The Points Guy: App | Website | Twitter Award Search: $1 trial w/ this link (and the code ALLTHEHACKS)

Bora Bora Hotels: Conrad | St. Regis

Moorea Hotels: Hilton | Sofitel

Changing Award Travel: TPG Guide

Get points on paying rent: Bilt Rewards

Southwest Companion Pass: How to quickly earn the Southwest Companion Pass | Card Signups

Award Booking Services: PointsPros | (formerly Juicy Miles)

Should you get Amex Centurion (black) card: TPG Article

Lonely Planet: Website

Meet locals when you travel: Couchsurfing | With Locals


Full Show Notes

Who is Brian Kelly? [00:17]

Brian’s trips during the pandemic. [01:30]

Places that haven’t opened up yet. [03:30]

Is travel in COVID-19 actually unsafe? [03:56]

How have points changed in the pandemic? [05:20]

How rich do you have to be to earn lots of points? [07:55]

A way you can stay organized if you have many credit cards. [09:42]

Should you use a points booking company or book flights yourself with points? [11:47]

How you can keep track of all your airline points. [13:57]

Should you use a portal to help you spend your points? [15:00]

Should you transfer your credit card points to hotels? [16:19]

Chris’ bad relationship with American (founders card). [20:40]

When you should cancel or downgrade a credit card. [21:51]

One of the best credit card perks out there (get free flights for your travel partner). [23:12]

Awesome lounges by Capital One opening soon. [24:53]

Should you get Amex Centurion (black) card and other premium cards? [25:26]

The Points Guy’s addiction to points and miles.  [28:28]

The inconvenience of checking bags. [29:58]

Getting destination tips from SMART and seasoned travelers. [32:46]

A mask hack for long flights (and an eating hack). [35:04]

What to do in a city you’ve never visited before. [35:48]

Advice for growing a community-based business. [37:08]

Should you get travel insurance? [40:12]

Top destinations for people who are new to points. [41:16]

Why you should read the travel guide for your OWN city.  [44:30]

How to keep in touch with The Points Guy. [46:21]


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