Feb. 22, 2023

Determination, Achieving the Impossible and Pursuing Your Passion with Tony Hawk

#103: Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk joins Chris to discuss his extraordinary career and how drive, tenacity, and motivation made it all possible. Tony also shares his favorite travel destinations, offers guidance on following your passion, and reveals where he's currently focusing his time/energy.

Tony Hawk (@tonyhawk) is a professional skateboarder and highly successful entrepreneur. He’s invented dozens of moves, won 73 titles, was a world champion 12 years in a row, and, in one of skateboarding’s defining moments, executed a 900 at the 1999 X Games. Tony also co-hosts the Hawk vs. Wolfe podcast, and runs a foundation called The Skatepark Project.


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Selected Links From The Episode

Tony Hawk: Website | TikTok | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Podcast

Felipe Nunez

The Skatepark Project

Birdhouse Skateboards 

Dream Studio Course

Hawk vs. Wolf Podcast: 


Full Show Notes

Introduction to Tony Hawk (00:00)

Common misunderstandings about skateboard culture (1:49)

Tony’s drive, determination, perseverance, and motivation (3:09)

Surfing (10:03)

Modeling determination as a parent (11:55)

Tony’s favorite travel destinations (21:05)

Racking up miles and traveling efficiently (22:49)

Tony’s favorite travel hacks and advice (24:03)

Instances of mistaken identity (28:34)

Playing the points game (30:59)

Health, fitness, routines, and supplements (34:38)

Time management: Saying no (41:47)

Toddler hack (43:52)

Relationship with money and the value of education (44:28)

Tony’s current focus (50:47)

Advice about pursuing your passion (52:07)

Where to find Tony Hawk (57:14)

Parting advice (59:58)