Nov. 9, 2022

The Best Deals for a Vacation Rentals, Exchanges, Fractionals, Timeshares and More!

#86: Host Chris Hutchins delves into the topic of vacation homes in today’s solo episode.  He explores the pros and cons of vacation home options, including home rentals and exchanges, fractional ownerships, vacation real estate investment funds, and timeshares. Chris also discusses his family’s experience owning timeshare properties, shares special offers for All the Hacks listeners, and more.


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Resources Mentioned


Full Show Notes

Introduction of vacation home episode (00:00)

Where to find no-upfront-cost vacation home rentals, including higher-end properties (04:33)

Home exchange: Chris breaks down the different types of stays you can choose from (06:41)

Equity and non-equity: two categories of vacation property programs that require upfront investment (12:42)

Fractional ownership (16:08)

Vacation investment real estate funds (21:00)

Destination clubs (23:42)

Timeshares (32:15)

Timeshare question: Are exchanges available for timeshare owners? (36:23)

The downside of buying a timeshare from an existing owner (37:35)

Chris’ takeaway on timeshares (39:39)

Want to go to a nice place for the day or a few hours? Check out these two companies (40:58)




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