Nov. 10, 2021

Pushing Your Mind and Body to Win with NBA Legend Manu Ginobili

#28: NBA legend Manu Ginobili joins Chris to share how he made the journey from an Argentine kid who loved basketball to becoming an NBA All-Star. They discuss how Manu pushed his mind and body to beat the odds throughout his career, what led him to such a frugal lifestyle for a professional athlete, and what he's planning for his more than one million credit card points.

Manu (@manuginobili) is an Argentine former professional basketball player and two time NBA all star. Over his 23 year career, he became one of only two players to win a EuroLeague title, an NBA championship, and an Olympic gold medal. He was a member of the San Antonio Spurs for his entire NBA career, making the playoffs with the team every single year and winning four NBA championships. He retired from in 2018 at age 40 as one of only 30 players to ever play in the NBA in their 40s.



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Full Show Notes

Who is Manu Ginobili? [00:15]

Changing the aspirations of argentinian basketball players. [02:38]

Manu’s atypical NBA career as an outsider and late bloomer. [05:03]

The benefit of appreciating the value of coaching early on. [07:09]

Why he unusually stayed with one team his entire career. [09:23]

How he unknowingly kept an unbeatable style. [10:42]

How to persevere when you lose more than you win. [12:38]

What helped Manu become an exceptional outlier in the NBA. [16:20]

The very mundane changes Manu made to improve his life. [18:54]

How mindfulness and meditation transformed Manu’s mind and career. [20:30]

Spending time after retirement. [24:57]

Earn passive income with almost no effort[26:00]

Why your brain needs you to exercise. [27:08]

Staying disciplined with exercise even when you don’t feel like it. [28:56]

Transitioning to being a VC from scratch. [31:17]

The differences between running a company and running a team. [33:27]

Why he doesn’t work full-time. [34:35]

Not facing the challenges he thought he was going to face after retiring. [35:34]

Why Manu never brought basketball home. [38:10]

Why Manu drives a minivan and doesn’t buy fancy watches.[42:38]

What Manu DOES splurge on. [45:51]

How Manu got into the world of points and miles. [46:51]

Manu Ginobili's travel bucket list. [50:22]

Manu’s traveling style. [52:26]

Must dos in Argentina.[54:42]

Does everyone on a basketball team sit in business class when the team travels? [56:23]

How Manu realized he’s doing investing all wrong. [57:44]

Figuring out the value of sleep. [59:37]

Manu’s book recommendations [1:00:58]


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