Nov. 30, 2022

Work Tactics: Finding a Job, Negotiating Comp, Managing Up, Getting Promoted and More

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#90: Top podcast host, Lenny Rachitsky joins Chris to discuss work-related techniques for success. They talk about finding a job that aligns with your interests, ways to stand out and get noticed, nailing your interview, effectively negotiating your compensation, managing up, and strategies to getting promoted.

Lenny Rachitsky (@lennysan), an engineer turned startup founder and former product manager at Airbnb is the creator of Lenny’s Newsletter and the wildly popular podcast, Lenny’s Podcast. Lenny is well-known as one of the top minds in the world when it comes to building product, driving growth, and helping people accelerate their careers.


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Selected Links From The Episode

Connect with Lenny Rachitsky: Twitter | Website | Podcast | Newsletter | TikTok



Lenny and Chris’ California Recommendations


Full Show Notes

Introduction to Lenny Rachitsky  (00:00)

Content that’s applicable outside of product management (01:37)

Lenny’s Job Board (04:18)

Reverse job search feature: “spotlight” (07:07)

Four points to focus on when identifying your interests (07:42)

Finding value in a variety of experiences  (15:53)

How to stand out and get noticed (17:43)

Advice on how to nail an interview (24:42)

Negotiating your salary and compensation (27:28)

What to optimize for when working for a company (33:28)

Finding the way to make an impact (34:43)  

How to get promoted effectively (35:48)

Finding the right balance and value of saying “no” (42:10)

Being effective with your output so you can make the most significant impact (48:24)

Deciding when it’s time to move on (52:11)

Tips for structuring your free time (55:14)

Experimenting with creation (56:53)

Chris’ next steps (1:00:19)

Managing up: keeping your manager aware of what you’re doing (1:00:52)

Lenny and Chris’ California recommendations (1:02:56)

Where to find Lenny Rachitsky online (1:05:21)




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