Dec. 14, 2022

Year End Checklist for Your Money, Taxes, Points and Miles

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#92: Chris shares his list of the top year end optimizations to consider for your taxes, money, points and miles. That includes tax-loss harvesting, charitable deductions, retirement contributions and FSA/HSAs. It'll also cover taking advantage of all your annual credit card credits and perks.


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Full Show Notes

Introduction to this week’s episode (00:00)

Should you take the standard deduction or should you itemize? (1:25)

Accelerating or deferring income (3:59)

Charitable donations (4:56)

Donating appreciated assets (5:37)

Donor-advised fund (7:28)

Tax-loss harvesting and common index fund pairing (8:39)

Selling crypto at a loss/abandonment loss (10:57)

Opportunity zone investing (14:40)

I-Savings Bonds (15:17)

Stock options/ISOs (16:45)  

Retirement accounts (17:37)

Contributing to a 529 account (19:38)

Use up the money in your FSA account (20:37)

Max out your HSA account (21:31)

Energy efficiency upgrades (22:11)

EV tax credit (23:12)

Hired as a business vs a W-2 employee (23:27)

Business owner tax optimizations (24:52)

HSA/FSAs and the Augusta Rule (30:19)

California municipal bonds (32:31)

End-of-the-year housekeeping: points and miles (32:54)

Chasing flight and hotel status (34:05)

Taking advantage of benefits/upgrades/lounge access passes (35:14)

Hotel, credit card, and airline credits (35:39)

Credit card: travel credits (38:42)

Benefits included with the American Express Hilton Aspire card (39:18)

San Francisco event (40:47)



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