Aug. 18, 2021

Do You Really Need a Budget

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#16: Entrepreneur and budgeting pro Jesse Mecham joins Chris to talk about why you need a budget regardless of how much you make. They also discuss about why budgeting gets a bad rap, how to make it easy, why you might be doing it wrong and some of Jesse's top family hacks.

Jesse Mecham is the founder and CEO of You Need A Budget (YNAB), one of the best budgeting tools in the market today. He started the company in 2004 as a side hustle and it now supports over 100,000 customers. He's also the host of the YNAB Podcast and author of the bestselling book You Need A Budget.


Selected Links From The Episode

Try out YNAB: Free Month Offer

Connect with Jesse Mecham: YNAB Podcast | Website | Email

Roth IRAs: Backdoor Roth IRAs and Mega Backdoor Roth IRA


Full Show Notes

Who is Jesse Mecham. [00:18]

Why is the idea of budgeting associated with negative feelings? [01:36]

The stress of figuring out what you can and cannot afford.[02:56]

Do you have to look at past spending before you create a budget? [05:00]

Why you need a budget even if you make a good income. [12:19]

Four rules of budgeting. [15:08]

Should you use a spreadsheet or an app to create your budget? [17:26]

How to budget and save when you have a big family? [22:10]

How did Jesse become the YNAB guy? (You need a budget origin story) [27:55]

The biggest hack of all (according to Jesse). [31:51]

A nerdy investment hack (get tax free money!) [34:02]

The 1% retirement investment rule. [38:18]

Life hacks that make Jesse's life more convenient. [41:10]

How to connect with Jesse Mecham. [42:56]


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