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All the Hacks

Learn all the hacks to optimize and upgrade every aspect of your life while spending less and saving more. Chris is a life hacker who has saved millions by breaking down every aspect of life, looking to maximize happiness at the lowest cost.

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Life + Work

Living a Life of Excellence, Agility and Meaning

May 18, 2022

#57: Former Navy SEAL Commanding Officer Mike Hayes joins Chris to discuss leadership principles, strategies for successful communication, building confidence, and the most important lessons that he learned while serving in …

Travel, Points + Miles

Listener Q&A Live Show + Big Anniversary Giveaway!

May 11, 2022

#56: Today, our Host, Chris Hutchins ( @hutchins ) celebrates the one year anniversary of All The Hacks! This was a live Q&A recorded on May 9th, 2022 with All The Hacks listeners tuning in. Chris answers questions on earnin…

Travel, Points + Miles

Maximize Your Points: Stacking, Buyers Clubs, Redemption Hacks, and More

May 4, 2022

#55: Points expert, Julia Menez, joins Chris to go deep on all things points and miles, including points stacking, optimizing rewards, tools to help organize your points and miles, using buying clubs to earn lots of points, …

Life + Work

Minimalism and the Things That Matter for a Meaningful Life

April 27, 2022

#54: Minimalist expert and award-winning author, Joshua Becker, joins Chris to talk about the many ways that “things'' get in the way of living a purpose-filled life. They discuss Joshua’s top decluttering strategies, the 8 …

Travel, Points + Miles

Travel Hacks for Planning Your Best Trip Ever

April 20, 2022

#53: Award-winning travel journalist Brandon Presser shares advice on choosing accommodations, critical factors to consider when planning a trip, his top travel hacks, and his favorite off-the-beaten-path points of interest.…

Life + Work

Hack Your Health (While Still Enjoying Life)

April 13, 2022

#52: Writer and cookbook author Liz Moody joins Chris to discuss health and wellness hacks, including what kind of foods you need to be adding in, supplements, vitamins, cold showers, circadian walks, hydroxyapatite, taping …

Guest: Liz Moody
Travel, Points + Miles

Travel Hacking the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

April 6, 2022

#51: Travel Pro Leigh Rowan joins Chris for a second time to discuss luxurious travel hacks, including getting the best prices on private jet travel, first-class experiences flying commercial, a look into high-end luxury re…

Money + Investing

The Power (and Tax Savings) of Charitable Giving

March 30, 2022

#50: Entrepreneur and investor Adam Nash joins Chris to discuss the biggest misconceptions of philanthropy, the hurdles of giving, tax benefits for charitable donations, real estate investing, why Daffy was created, everythi…

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