Sept. 21, 2022

Build Rapport, Master Conversational Skills and Learn Anything From Anyone

#79: Entrepreneur and author, Andrew Warner, joins Chris to talk about ways to become a better, more exciting conversationalist. They discuss why this is a skill everyone should master and learn what most people get wrong about how they ask questions. Andrew shares ways to improve the kinds of questions you ask and how to build rapport with people you have just met.

Andrew Warner(@AndrewWarner) is an entrepreneur and host of the hit startup podcast, where, 2,000+ episodes, he uncovers the secrets of the world’s best founders. After building two startups of his own, he started Mixergy, a place where successful people teach ambitious upstarts through interviews, courses, masterclasses, and events. His book is Stop Asking Questions: How to Lead High-Impact Interviews and Learn Anything from Anyone.


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Full Show Notes

Becoming a better conversationalist: instead of asking questions, use “magical phrases” [1:38]

Andrew explains why he wrote his book [3:25]

Learning to project confidence and direct the conversation during a job interview [4:02]

Questions to ask yourself when preparing for an upcoming conversation [5:50]

How to prepare yourself for conversations with people you don’t know [7:52]

Keeping a Google doc of techniques for having better conversations, and why you should join the resistance [10:02]

Methods to get guarded people to be more open [13:30]

Examples of positive tangible outcomes [18:08]

Using conversational tactics outside of a business setting [19:36]  

Becoming more of a learner and less of a know-it-all [20:43]

How to shift a conversation to find an overlap of interests  [24:11]

Studying conversation transcripts to improve your conversational skills (and how to get consent to record) [26:53]

Becoming a better conversationalist by practicing with people you’re not as concerned about [33:40]

How vulnerability can be valuable [38:22]

Seeking permission to ask uncomfortable questions [39:37]

How to follow up with someone after you’ve built a relationship [43:54]

Andrew's advice about listener engagement [47:53]

A “No” is good [52:33]

How you can help All The Hacks [54:03]

Andrew’s feedback for Chris [55:23]

Where to Find Andrew Warner online [57:40]

Library App Resources [58:00]




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