April 6, 2022

Travel Hacking the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

#51:  Travel Pro Leigh Rowan joins Chris for a second time to discuss luxurious travel hacks, including getting the best prices on private jet travel, first-class experiences flying commercial, a look into high-end luxury resorts, and advice on tipping, luxury property rentals, and organizing your activities on your next vacation.

Leigh Rowan (@leighrowan) is a serious travel hacker. He is the founder and CEO of Savanti Travel, a travel management company for executives, and prior to that was the COO of The Points Guy.


Selected Links From The Episode

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Leigh Rowan: Twitter | Savanti Travel

Find empty legs on private jets: Villiers Jets | XO | Victor | OpenPoint

Find your airline’s seat map: SeatGuru

Find luxury properties: Cuvee

Ridiculous villa Chris booked in Cabo: Villa Turquesa

Perks and benefits experiment email: getupgraded@allthehacks.com

Concierge Services: Quintessentially  

Experience shared private flying: JSX


Full Show Notes

Who is Leigh Rowan (00:14)

A listener’s email about ultra-high-end travel experiences (01:43)

What does private jet travel look like? (03:14)

The dirty secret about private aviation (04:42)

Where to find the deals on private jets (06:25)

The cost of renting a plane (07:02)

Cabotage (10:16)

The most common use of private travel (10:47)

Will private jet demand wane post-pandemic? (11:59)

The private jet experience (15:13)

Getting on and off a private jet (16:41)

Traveling with JSX (18:52)

First-class experiences when flying commercial (20:32)

Is the premium economy coming back? (25:47)

Flying business class internationally (28:57)

What a high-end luxury hotel looks like (30:47)

Four vs. Five-star resorts (31:20)

Luxury high-end resort loyalty programs (37:45)

Higher-end luxury property rentals (41:46)

The perks of working through a travel advisor (47:35)

Practical advice around tipping (51:28)

Organizing activities on your vacation (56:02)

Where to find Leigh Rowan online (58:21)




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