Aug. 25, 2021

Mastering the Art of Negotiation

#17: Negotiation professor and expert Kwame Christian joins Chris to discuss how you can become a better negotiator at work and at home. They discuss common mistakes made while negotiating, a three step process you can use in every negotiation, and how talking less can be your key to success. 

Kwame Christian (@kwamechistian) is a practicing attorney, the director of the American Negotiation Institute, a professor of Negotiation at the Ohio State University, the host of the world’s most popular negotiation podcast (Negotiate Anything), and the best-selling author of Finding Confidence in Conflict: Negotiate Anything and Live Your Best Life

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Selected Links From The Episode

Connect with Kwame Christian: LinkedIn | Instagram

American Negotiation Institute: Website  | Negotiation Guides

Books: The Code of Trust (by Robin Dreeke) | Finding Confidence in Conflict (by Kwame Christian)

Podcasts:  Negotiate Anything Podcast | Ask With Confidence Podcast | Negociación desde Cero


Full Show Notes

Who is Kwame Christian? (episode overview).  [00:15]

What do most people get wrong when it comes to negotiating? [01:15]

Is negotiating a skill that is valuable  for everyone? [01:40]

Are some people better than others at negotiating? [02:22]

How can you measure how good of a negotiator you are? [03:45]

What does a successful negotiation feel like? [05:06]

Is negotiating strategic or tactical? [06:36]

How did Kwame Christian end up being the negotiation guy? [07:25]

The simple 3 step negotiation process (the compassionate curiosity framework). [11:49]

How can you prepare for a negotiation? [19:05]

Why are we better negotiators outside of our homes? [21:49]

How to prepare for any negotiation in 3 minutes. [24:19]

Why open-ended questions give you the leverage you need in a negotiation? [25:00]

The most powerful questions you can ask in a negotiation. [25:58]

How much should you speak in a negotiation? [27:03]

How to win every single difficult conversation you enter. [28:30]

Who should make the first offer in a negotiation? (The anchoring technique) [30:33]

How you might accidentally make people insist on their point of view (psychological entrenchment) [33:34]

When should you walk away from a negotiation? [36:26]

Big things people forget to negotiate. [38:47]

Common mistakes in almost every negotiation. [41:37]

How should you negotiate with kids? (parenting towards obsolescence) [42:55]

What is validation? [45:40]

Should you try to get rejected? [49:28]

How to recover from saying the wrong things in a conversation with someone you love. [52:41]

Can you negotiate with yourself? [55:13]


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